Thursday, 22 May 2014

Training energiser / ice breaker This is my Orange

An energiser I have used for years is Meet My Orange

It takes 5-6 minutes

Bag of oranges ( 1 per delegate +3 extra)

You group your participants into pairs and then give each participant an orange ( clementine satsuma ) each.

Then you ask everybody to get familiar with orange.

They are not to mark or puncture their orange. They must get familiar with their orange in its original   state as presented to them at the start of the exercise..

 Ask them to close their eyes. Ask them to feel their orange with their fingers. Ask them to smell it.
Then to open their eyes and identify what makes their orange different to every other orange in the world.
Suggest that some may have already got a name for their orange 

The ask them to introduce their orange to their partner and point out what makes their orange so individual and different from all other oranges

Introducing the orange to your pair [partner

After a minute collect all the oranges in a shopping bag. Then in sight of all the course add three EXTRA oranges.
 Ask them to come up claim their orange and for verification get them to show it to their pair.

Explain that using a strategy of weighting for everyone else to claim theirs hoping yours remains will not work as you have added the extra three oranges

Group scrabbling to find their orange from the course
oranges plus the extra three!

Relief ! I have found my original orange !

Confirming with the pair partner 

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Trainer the trainer tips,
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