Friday, 13 June 2014

Selling -The Balance Sheet of Human Relations

To paraphrase the  German poet Goethe, 

"Most things have been thought of before, the challenge is to think of them again."

Founder of TACK International Alfred Tack referred to his original sales training company as a 'school of human relations'. The opening session of the sales course was about sustaining a positive mental attitude in selling. The final session was centred on the value of Human Relations.

 That was over 60 years ago - as good a maxim for today's digital age it was as all those years ago. Take a look at this slide. Consider how to eradicate the red words and increase the scores on the green human relations' credits.

As with a conventional balance sheet  it should be a “true and fair” representation you and I as salespeople.

The objective is to daily build up your credit side of this balance sheet and reduce the entries on the debit side.

What else would you add to your balance sheet on the credit side ?--Please add a comment.

I 'll add one myself right now- Gratitude. - Thank you for reading this blog post !

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