Thursday, 26 June 2014

6 key challenges of @MarketingLive2014 from digital silos to holistic approach

Selfy at Marketing Week Live 2014 or should that be SELL- fy?
Marketing used to be uncomplicated.

 Then digital entered the fray and caused havoc for a while.

Now there is a return with no artificial distinction between off-line and on-line we are back to a holistic approach.

This year’s shows reflects some of the change in thinking about marketing over the last five years.

 There has  been a return to the  view of marketing being a generalist discipline rather a set of silo specialities .

  There are some subtle changes in vocabulary “ Suppliers” formally known as seller are described as 'partners', Selling ' Ideas' as ‘options’ and so on


The keys are integration and  return to a conventional (sales) process approach based on the challenges of 
1. Understanding ( Planning, Research and Objective setting)

 2. Engaging  (Purposeful listening and questioning  conversations with prospects,

 3. Converting Identified prospects to active prospects via on line, offline, mobile and hybrid models 

4. Experiencing Face to Face (Selling in all its forms to you and me)

The focus this year is on smarter strategy and tactics in today’s marketing era.

Even the 'S' word - selling is back

Selling Intangibles is on the list of 6 key challenges for Marketers at marketing Live 2014

Which of the following do you consider to be your biggest challenge at the moment ?:   

o             Equipping your business with a future proof marketing team and leveraging internal and external relationships

o             Selling your brand and business rather than just selling your product

o             Using measurement and analysis to effectively close the campaign cycle

o             Developing an agile marketing strategy to protect your business from potential variables

o             Integrating and automating your campaigns for a multichannel world

o             Selecting and getting the maximum ROI from your suppliers

Well, dear readers I'm off to Olympia to have a look round and will report on what is on offer.

In the meanwhile Good Selling.

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