Thursday, 6 August 2015

Your Mobile salescoach 'Pause & Reflect' before and after each sales call

Less field accompaniment coaching is done by managers compared with a few years ago.

So today you have to coach yourself - either from your desk or out in the field.

Since Ofcom tell us today that the UK is a smart phone society where we spend 2 hours per day on the smart phone why not let your smart phone be your field coach.

Before you make that phone call to your client or visit face to face, take a PAUSE prepare for the call and then after each call REFLECT on what happened, what went well , what needs further work, what's the aim of the next call.

Here's a useful acronym "PAUSE and REFLECT "

So before you make that phone call or face to face visit gather your thoughts and PAUSE !

Plan what agreements you want 

Ask open questions to establish their needs

Use relevant benefits to match need

Select techniques best suited open and close your call

End with agreement to act

After the call reflect on what happened.

Carry out a quick Review and ask yourself , did you


Reach your objective

Establish Real Needs of your client ?

Find the relevant personalised benefits ?

Listen to your client's reaction

Eliminate Objections

Commit your client to action ?

Target your next objective?

Why not bookmark this PAUSE and Reflect post link on your smart phone right now !

Let your smart phone be your sales coach

Good Selling

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