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#KeepitTea Keep it three #FindYourFlow Go man Go The Selling Power of threes

Whether you are communicating  in written or verbal English in your selling, it is very useful to appreciate the rhythm of the language as well as its meanings.
A particularly useful pattern is the rhythm of threes.

The new advertising campaign for Unilever's PG tips brand of tea ,starring Monkey, is a three word slogan "Keep it Tea". ( Keep (1) It (2) Tea (3)

Why the pattern of threes resonates so well,  is not known for sure , but it could be due to the early Christian writings and the dogma of the Christian faith of the Trinity that became embedded in the langauge.

God the Father (1), The Son (2) and the Holy Ghost (3)

This pattern of threes is sown in much of the popular liturgy e.g. The Gloria Patri finishes - .... as it was in the beginning (1), is now (2) and ever shall be (3)

in St Paul's famous letter to the Corinthians 1 :13 on Love "  Faith (1) Hope (2) and Charity (3)

In spoken English the pattern of three often occurs in basic narratives of jokes.

" There was an Englishman (1) , an Irish man (2) and a Scotsman (3)......

Selling Political campaigns

When political slogans are required to build a campaign the patter of threes again comes to the fore.

President Modi at Wembley Stadium 13th November 2015 

Whenever we talk about rupee bond, we always remember James Bond. If James Bond provides us with entertainment, Brooke Bond tea provides with freshness. In that order, it's (1.)James Bond, (2 )Brooke Bond, (3.)Rupee Bond.

 This applies to spoiler campaigns also such as Alistair Campbell's negative ABC Anyone (1) but (2) Corbyn. in the Labour leadership Campaign of 2015. Whether it worked- we will find out this Saturday !

The Republican Party across the pond is known by the three letters Grand (1) Old (2) Party (3) GOP. Its opposition derides it by describing its membership as  male (1), pale (2) and stale (3)- here we have both rhythm of thees  and a Rhyme!

Barack Obama's Presidential 2008 Campaign  " Yes (1) We (2) Can (3)" , " Labour (1) isn't (2) working (3) " for the Conservatives in 1979 - strictly speaking 4 words but to the ear 'isn't' is one word.
Lucozade'e patter of three slogan 'Find your flow'

Power of threes in Marketing

The pattern of threes has been used in brand slogans 

  • Snap (1) Crackle (2) and Pop (3) - Kellogg's Rice Crispies
  • Exceedingly (1) good (2) cakes (3) - Mr Kipling
  • Afore (1) ye (2) go (3) -Bell's Scotch Whisky
  • Finger(1) Lickin' (2) good (3) -KFC
  • Work (1) Rest  (2)and Play (3) - Mars
  • Never (1) Knowingly  (2) Undersold- (3) John Lewis
In the  rebranding field we have seen Google's new logos makeover in 2015 Tap (1) Type (2) and Talk (3)

Pattern of Threes in Social Media e.g Twitter and Facebook Posts in 'Brand Bolt'

Tweet by Usain Bolt after his 100m Gold medal at the 2015  World Championships in Beijing

Thanks for the love and support my FB peeps..

 TeamBolt all day everyday #‎Blessed (1)  #‎Thankful  (2) #‎ForeverFaster (3)

‪#A ‎Thankful Usain Bolt  tweet after winning World Championship Gold for 200 metres  27th August 2015

Unshakeable (1)
Unbreakable (2)
Unstoppable  (3)

In Business Journalism

The pattern of threes is often used to craft an article. For example from last Friday's  Business section, London Evening Standard the "Confessions from the City" column used the pattern of threes to book end an article on an insider's amusing perspective of the pitches of restructuring /turnaround firms. The author commented on a competitor's pitch using business bullshit in an opening pitch.

" We'll think the unthinkable (1) , we'll say the unsayable (2) do the undoable (3) - we're contrary thinking revolutionaries" Despite this fluent dross this competitor won the contract. In such assignments a struggling company can be charged an eye watering £1,000 an hour !

The article concluded with a classic rhythm of threes summary joke.

" Basically , restructuring experts  have a lot in common with a rhinoceros.

They are extremely thick skinned (1), their judgement often turns out to be short sighted (2), and they sure charge a lot ! (3). 

 Find Your Flow is Lucozade's rhythmic three slogan.

So in your commercial communication why not ' find your flow' and give it a go, try the rhythm of threes and see it pleases ;) .

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