Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Logo Makeover lessons from Google in refreshing your sell

So we are into the last quarter of the calendar year. Pupils in the state sector are back to school. Time for fresh thinking.  Time to repaint. Time for a makeover.

The Designer Lo Min Ming has worked for the likes of Google, Dropbox and Microsoft

“The key to a good logo, is making it distinctive, memorable, and recognisable"

Google logo cut and pasted 
and processed on painting mode on Nikon Coolpix
After 17 years GOOGLE has refreshed its logo  which is now part of a new identity family that includes the Google dots and 'G' icon.

Users now require a world of seamless computing across the huge number of devices they have and  the different kinds of inputs (such as tap, type and talk).

To make a strong first impression on consumers, businesses need a logo with impact.

Despite the importance of a logo,  Many smaller businesses often struggle to design a memorable one ,with their limited budgets compared to the likes of Google.

A 2014 study from a cloud-based platform solutions provider Endurance International Group  discovered that 15 % of small businesses with five employees or less have no logo at all, with 56 % of businesses having designed their own logos without any professional help.

Google logo cut and pasted and processed
 on painting mode on Nikon Coolpix
A logo which stands out and a Web presence  makes an impression are an important part of building your brand.

The research revealed that more than a quarter of small businesses were planning on changing their logo  in the net quarter. 

(The study was based on surveys of 491 small businesses with fewer than five employees. )

Businesses  should choose a design that has staying power, but it's important to be open to subtle changes over time.
 Brands may need to refresh their logo as the company protects, expands, and develops new audiences – As your Brand evolves  you need to protect your Brand’s DNA. Don't lose sight of what makes your brand recognisable – whether it’s a signature colour, graphic or font.

 3 tips.

Google logo cut and pasted and processed on painting mode 
on Nikon Coolpix
Ask your audience. Social media makes it easy to communicate directly with your customers. Engage them in the process by asking for their input and even allowing them to judge potential designs.

Keep it simple salesperson. A complete brand overhaul may alienate some of your  customers, so less is more when it comes to a makeover. Focus on one or two elements and make subtle changes.

Communicate the change. To avoid confusion, the refresh should be consistent at every touch point or moment of opportunity with your customers.

Ensure a seamless experience by communicating the change well in advance with your employees and updating marketing materials.


“Design is thinking made visual.”  Saul Bass, Logo Designer

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