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5 dangerous trends facing B2B Organisations today in Sales MoSoLo or SoLoMo.

The businessman Sir James Goldsmith once said ' If you can see the bandwagon , you're probably too late. '

Never has that quote been so pertinent for Sales with regard to today's social, local and mobile media.
(The investment curve of opportunities for SoLoMo -MoSoLo running out? ?)

Ed Charvet from Trovus was a key note speaker and 'spot on' at the TACK TMI World Congress 2011 held in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Ed had similar warnings for the audience to avoid missing the opportunities.

Ed began his speech quoting another businessman,Aristotle Onassis- the Greek shipping magnate who said

“The secret of business is to know something nobody else knows.”

Trovus is a specialist business intelligence provider that walks the talk of this quote of Onassis by profiling B2B website visitors via IP address.
Trovus have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Marketing Week, B2B Marketing, Computer Business Review and by the Institute of Direct Marketing.
They advise leading B2B organisations on strategies to win more customers and increase your profits using the power of data from IP address profiling.

Through accessing and taking action with a wealth of business intelligence which exists around their client’s business, they use this intelligence to power up their client’s business with increased revenue and profits by developing strategies and behaviours to leverage and exploit this intelligence to the full.

In essence Trovus help with 3 vital areas of their client’s business

• Growing profits and revenues

• Uncovering new opportunities

• Working smarter and saving time

(Ed Charvet taking the conference through the five dangerous trends for B2B)

Ed outlined 5 key points in his keynote address to the audience in Vinius.
1. Failing to embrace technical innovation
2. Dismissing the value of social media
3. Not listening to the Voice of the Customer
4. Acknowledging the value of Social Media but doing nothing
5. Not having the courage to invest now.

Ed cited the rapid growth of mobile in such products such as iPhone, iPod and iPad which had 30 million units sold in the last quarter apparently.

Businesses would do well to focus on the niche, the local and the specific.
Mobile and the social side of the web is irrefutably the dominant side.
Facebook advertisements have increased by 75 %.

Many, too many companies dismiss Social media with ‘can’t see the point’. Ed suggested the audience considered KPCB’s John Doerr model.

The venture capital pundit John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers coined the acronym SoLoMo to sum up this convergence of 3 major powers and acknowledges they are affecting all aspects of business faster than most business managers have realised.

(Trovus' Ed Charvet)

So Lo Mo ( ‘SoLoMo’)
Social Local Mobile.

Mary Meeker, at KPCB formally a leading investment banking analyst with a 15 year veteran covering the internet and more recently, the mobile internet and related technologies. She re-frames Doerr’s model as Mo-Lo-So.

Mobile allows you to be active at any Location and at the same time to be connected to your entire Social network and their opinions, advice and buying power.

The implications for Marketers are Mary Meeker suggests -a dramatic paradigm shift which will disrupt almost every business.

What you are doing well can be
• communicated faster
• more credibly
• and with more impact

through Social Media than through conventional transmission media. (What you do badly, the same!!!)

The key to exploiting all this is for firms to look at their talent pool. Talent is the catalyst they may well need to bring in the knowledge.

For many companies today key areas to their business include a. Customer service, b. corporate Profit and c. Sales Performance. All these Ed explained can be enhanced by integrating intelligence. Increasingly marketing needs to measure every tool available to them.
The Web gives one that platform.

Ed suggested the activities the audience should start to develop if they have not already undertaken them.
Under the heading of Intelligence Ed included:-
• Web presence
• LinkedIn Profiles
• On line presence
• Twitter profile
• Facebook

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