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Dave Kurlan OMG at TMI TACK World Congress 2011

Dave Kurlan OMG

(Kostas Hatzigeorgiou of PRC live in Vilnius, Lithuania at TMI TACK World congress 2011 and Dave Kurlan via video link in USA)

In the song from the musical “Grease” - Summer Nights there is a chorus form the Pink Ladies and from the Thunderbirds “ Tell Me more, Tell Me more “.

This chorus was resonating in my mind when Sales guru Dave Kurlan linked up with the TMI TACK World Congress via video link to present his talk originally billed as “ 10 Bad things that happen when you leave your sales people alone.”

The conference delegates had had the morning energiser at 9 a.m. but for Dave it was some unearthly early hour in Boston , USA.
(Kostas Hatzigeorgiou live in Vilnius, Lithuania and Dave Kurlan via video link in USA)

Dave slightly changed his presentation into ‘10 Great Sales Mistakes when Selling’.
In some senses of course there was not much core information that was nreally new BUT as in so much to do with selling

“When all is said than done; more is said than done !!”

What was new, fresh , exciting and not a little provocative was the brilliant way Dave conveyed his messages.

Perhaps as followers of this blog we know that selling matters.
We may know a sales process, we may be familiar with drill down question methodology, we may recognise the vital Sales DNA of Listening in a business directed but conversational style and uncovering those unanswerable questions.

But that knowledge is only akin to boy car racers revving up their engines- a lot of noise and bluster- what only matters is engaging the sales gears which is what Dave as a F1 Grand Prix sales driver not only can talk about but demonstrate.

As in sports talent is not enough. There is plenty of sales talent out there but earns you the yellow jersey in the tour de France cycling, the Green Jacket of golf, the Gold medal is to reduce or eliminate mistakes. That is the mark of a sales champion.
So here are Dave’s top ten sales mistakes to eliminate:
1. Failing to make a case.
2. Failing to summarise on those unanswerable questions
3. Failing to instil urgency
4. Sales peoplelove talking about deliverables ( but are they compelling to the client?)
5. Waiting for buy in.
(The Munsk Team's flip chart of the Dave's learning lessons at the Sales Boot Camp Vilnius)
6. Getting the money question wrong
7. Not seizing the short moment of a CEO’s time
8. Seeing the wrong people
9. Allowing yourself to be sent away after the first visit with the CEO
10. Not offering a Compelling enough case

(Kostas Hatzigeorgiou live in Vilnius, Lithuania and Dave Kurlan via video link in USA)

So Plan and prioritise,
Research at the global, market and client level; set clear information based and decision based Objectives; State clearly the
Purpose of your meeting; grab your client’s
Attention quickly in that small window of opportunity granted to you; surpass that love of so many sales people to talk about deliverable early on but seek out those unanswerable questions (‘ Tell me more, Tell me, Explain to me, Describe for me… more’) i.e. ensure You investigate by Drill Down deep and Listening hard for what is said and unsaid establish the facts of the case, elicit the issues/concerns/problems/opinions/attitudes ,draw out the net effect of these from your client and finally develop the solutions with your compelling case (F.I.N.D.); then and ONLY then present your DVP with its
Benefits but make your DVP stand out by being relevant unique (compelling) point of difference. RUPOD; should there be any objections or objections appreciate them and
Answer them persuasively; then
Commit your client to your compelling case by instilling a s true sense of urgency in their terms and finally
Keep developing the business.
That’s it PRO-PAYBACK, FIND and TED in action. ( Sales Models and Processes of TACK)
In sales boot camp terminology it is not about swamping ur clients with our wonderful deliverables, research and implementation that is like the foolish soldier FIRE-AIM-READY.
Dave got us to get the sequence right it’s READY – AIM –FIRE !!!!

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