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TMI TACK Vilnius 2011 Conference Report No 1 ICE & Fireworks

As part of the show business Pizzazz to open the day, there was a dramatic performance by an ice sculptor smartly attired in a suit and tie and accompanied by Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. He used what looked like Bosch power saws, power drills and even an electric iron to craft an iceblock with the TMI and TACK logos. (see left)

The ice cutting performance ended with a spectacular rush of fireworks.The combination of fireworks and ice was innovational presaging the key note speech.

Kicking off the International Conference our leader,Kostas reflected on how the TACK TMI families had grown. As each members' national flags came up on the screen the clappers were shaken vogorously.

This conference is a United Nations of Global Leadership and Development expertise. 32 countries are represented.
We also held a minute's silence in respect of our Norwegian colleagues and the sad news from their country with such a tragic loss of lives.

Video Clips of the introduction film for the Conference.

Kostas Katzigeogiou of parent company PRC set the aim of this year’s International conference to achieve a significant and consistet progress in the development of the relevant knowledge and competence of both the TMI and TACK teams across the world.

The theme for this year’s event is “ SPOT-ON INNOVATION” and to deliver tangible value. The brand specific themes being both TMI’s one KNOW-HOW brand and aTACKing KNOW-HOW for TACK.

The conference has been designed to enable delegates to leverage on a number of significant new developments of know-how as well as develop everybody’s knowledge , competence in order to progress each countries’ operations to even greater success.

Through a number of amusing video clips,Kostas stressed the importance of cross cultural communication, embedding our offerings with clear business objectives placing TACK in a very strong position.

Then the keynote speaker for the morning was introduced by Anna-Maria Pepin from TACK Switzerland.

Pierre Sarda is a highly experienced International CEO Consultant who has mentored and still advises some to the world’s top CEOs. His topic was “Spot-On Innovation: Inescapable survival or Success objective”.
Mr. Sarda is one of those business gurus who is both uncomfortably thought provoking and challenging as well as charming. In his regrettably too short lecture he covered:-
• Defining , contextualising what truly ‘spot-on innovation’ was
• The Focus Issue and how it confronts us in business
• The Main Challenges of both stake holders and processes.
• Risk associated with success objectives
• The recipe to get started with a spot-on innovation project.
Sarda considers that spot-on innovation is a management process which can improve industrial processes and even other managerial processes. In essence his credo everybody is an innovator.
Illustrating his talk with case examples from his own client base (without mentioning names!) he also covered spot-on innovation processes by IBM, Apple , Nestle et al.
Mr Sarda finished his presentation stressing how the increase and effectiveness of feminine values in the international work place is blossoming. These values are not male and female stereotypes but rather refer to the foundations of social expressions of cultures, religions at any given time in history.

Mr Sarda co wrote with Mike Burke the book entitled “The Silent Revolution” ISBN 0-927015-33-1

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