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B2B Buyers do Social Preview from Buyers Views of salespeople 2012

The TACK Buyers' Views of Salespeople 2012  ( 6th edition) is soon to be published- a comment from one Buyer respondent concerning their search for suppliers which particualrly struck me was:-

“ If they have no web presence, both personally and, if relevant, corporately as part of a team/company, I’m not going to trust them, or at least would find it hard to justify putting in my time to work out if they know anything about anything”

Buyers ‘do social’ on Sales
The processes and approach to the buying role have changed markedly.
 More and more buyers ‘do social’ as part of their buying role. For example, 55.% of the respondents used LinkedIn to research potential suppliers and products in the last 12 months.
 Buyers also use other social media channels to carry out their research of potential suppliers 22% had looked at Blogs, 22% had used You tube as a search engine to investigate supplier solutions  , 20% had used Twitter to read and listen in on potential suppliers. 12% had used facebook in their research of new suppliers and products.
 Those in sales who still do not “do social” themselves in their business are increasingly putting themselves at a disadvantage to their competitors who do.

Social media is also  accepted by many Buyers as a channel to be used in prospecting activity from suppliers.

Cold calling has had a further resurgence in this 2012 poll to above 1 in 5 .
This is indicative of tough times but also challenges the view of  many that believe cold calling is entirely dead.
Linked In at 34% acceptance is also an increase in acceptance from 28% in the previous study.
The TACK International Buyers’ Views of Salespeople 2012 captures detailed information on Buyers’ Views and is a “must read” for anyone involved in sales, sales management and those interested in benchmarking their own organisation and looking for best practice in sales.
It is an invaluable resource for Sales leaders, Trainers and those in Customer facing roles in the b2b sector.
The study is an on-going project, which was started in 1998 and acts as a bellwether indicator of the state of selling from the Buyers’ viewpoint.
 In the 2012 survey, 201 buyers from SMEs to Global Corporations across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Australasia, Far East and North America shared their views with the study.
Buyers undertake the questionnaire on line. 
 Both quantitative and qualitative information is captured from a set of 39 questions.
76% of the respondents had four or more years of corporate purchasing experience
39% had ultimate buying authority setting budgets  49% had limited buying authority  ( budget holders and/or decision influencers).
The male female split was 65%:35%.
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