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Icons, Frontal and an Olympic torch All Saints All People Fulham, London

Sunday 8th July was a special day for All Sainst Church Fulham, Its dedication service. There are records of a church on the site for over 900 years

 We have been generously been given two  new  icons ,a new altar frontal for our Lady Chapel which were blessed and venerated. These objjects are beutiful and the photos will give you anidea but seeing them live is best,

Virgin Hodegetria .” She who shows the Way”
The original icon came from Jerusalem in the fifth century to the monastery of the Panaghia Hodegetria in Constantinople  which was founded by Saint Pulcheria (399-453), a daughter of Emperor Arcadius. Tradition states that the monastery held the Icon of the Hodegetria, believed to have been painted by Saint Luke It was hidden from the iconoclasts.
With her right hand Mary points to the Christ child to draw the attention of the faithful.
Her maphorion (mantle) is like the fabric of the cosmos holding the stars and symbols of light and darkness.  The three stars are ancient Syrian symbols for her virginity before, during and after the birth of Christ.
Mary gazes with serenity and acceptance of the sadness and pain to come. She is very young but her understanding of the Word and her willingness to be God’s humble servant shows spiritual maturity. Such spiritual strength is no respecter of age, circumstances, intellectual achievements or worldly understanding, it is God given, a grace from the Almighty.

With her other hand she gently cradles the Christ child who is depicted like a wise older child. Christ is imbued with the wisdom of heaven. He regards His beloved mother Mary and holds one hand in the sign of peace and the holds a scroll of the Law, which is fulfilled in him.
He is clothed in a royal himation and the golden lines, or assist, are indicative of the inner light or uncreated light (light from before the Creation) that emanates from Him.  The icon changes with the changing light from candlelight to full sun.

Christ has on leg tucked under the other and his foot breaks the frame of the icon as he steps from his sanctuary in heaven to come into this dim world full or grief and sorrows. He comes to take part in our lives, to live and work and Be among us so that He can bear our sorrows and our sins.

Christ the Pancreator ( the Ruler of All – the Saviour of All )

Christ holds onto the Bible in his left arm. He rests the Holy Word against his breast showing the way to  salvation.
His right hand is held in the sign for peace and the band of orange and gold show his authority from God.
There is a small stain of a tear from his left eye. He is sorrowful for the pain of the world.
The gold all around him is a symbol of Heaven and his enduring and untarnished love for us.

 The icons in the fixed positions

These icons was especially written for All Saints Church Fulham, London .

The icon writer is Constantina Wood
These icons was especially written for All Saints Church Fulham, London .

The icon writer is Constantina Wood

The new  'Ordinary Time' lady Chapel Altar frontal.

Designed in the shape of a Celtic Cross. It celebrates the cycle of the seasons using the colours of the different times and seasons of the church’s year.
Green is for regeneration, Ordinary time, the beauty of creation.
The vertical bar of the cross within the roundel has heavier gold braid; symbolic of the cross that Christ had to bear on the way to the crucifixion.
The square in the middle of the work is embroidered in ivory, whereas the outer squares are embroidered in cream; the centre of the altar is the focus and the brightest part of the altar cloth.

The never-ending lines embroidered in braid, ribbon and cord speak of life everlasting and the cycle of life: birth death and resurrection.

The creator of this altar frontal is Jacquie Binns.

The Church is currently raising funds for the 600 year old medieval tower which in the last few weeks has welcomed  a Prince, his daughter Princesses on the Sunday of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee and has carried on its work as a place to be married over hundreds of years.

 Some photos of a wedding held last Saturday 7th July.

All Saints Church , Fulham , London

Bridesmaids being photographed before a wedding service , Ushers in Morning Dress at the porch yesterday outside All Saints Church Fulham, London

If you would like to contribute to the All Saints Tower and Bells Restoration Appeal details can be found

A bike at the foot of the bell tower.
The Olympic Cycle race will be passing
All Saints Church , Fulham at London's 2012 Olympic games
28th and 29th July .
The Church may be picked up on the
TV coverage as the cyclists cross Putney Bridge

Talking of things Olympic our Dedication Sunday Church picnic was held in the Church Hall due to the rainy weather.
 One of the 8000 Lpondon 2012 torches was brought in for people to see and share in the greatest sports festival of the world.
 It was a privilege to hold and pose with one of the torches

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