Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hard selling the Shard - The fragility of Unique Selling points

Unique Selling Points are back in the news.  ( Enjoy these photo London's new Landmark building. The Shard can be seen from so many angles all over London.)

Laser Beam from the Shard to the OXO tower
Photo from Waterloo Brdge start of the Laser show
 (see green line centre of photo).
The Shard announces it is the tallest buildng in Europe
July 5th

Whenever facts are announced it is not long before the challenge of “So What?” is raised particularly when regarding cost.

Whether it is  CERN  and their new ‘discovery’ of the Higgs boson , the communicators have been quick to justify ( sell) the investment of their research for example stating  the spin off  benefit of the world wide web and  Internet especially if we don't understand the particle physics stuff

St John the Evangelist Church , Waterloo,
 with the Shard in the background

But uniqueness is a fragile position.

The Architects for the Shard have been 'doing the sell' on the Shard.

They have been selling not just the physical aspects of the building but the concept of the building, describing how it will be used

" not another office block that goes dead at 6 p.m." etc. "  " ne the pulic will love" ...
 The Office Sky scraper Canary Wharf or more correctly One Canada Square consists of fifty floors , is 235 metres tall and was completed just twenty one years ago. 

Once the tallest building in the UK as a title, it has lost  it in a mere 21 years.


Reflection of the Shard on the windows
 of a  building
on the north side of the Thames
The new kid on the block is the Shard whose features include 309.6 metres tall, 11,000 glass windows, 72 habitable floors etc.

Which means it is currently the tallest building in Europe (59th tallest in the world)

But “So What?

So the whole sales communication of features, benefits and particularly personal benefits or You Appeal come into play.

95% of the construction materials are recycled which means that…

And so on

And so on
At low tide the Shard appears even taller

Photo shots taken in August 2012 of other London Views of the Shard

Old Tower newest tower
Tower of London  with Shard behind it

City Hall overlooked by the Shard

The rose window of Winchester Palace
on the Thames at Southwark, London

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