Friday, 15 November 2013

4 tips for better Email tone

 We may all be sending many more emails than our predecessors sent letters back in the day, but this increased volume of communication has lead to more misunderstandings in what we type.

Due to the lack of face to face it is easy to misinterpret emails.

Here are 4 useful tips to reduce such misunderstandings

a.      Never reply immediately if the email causes strong (negative) emotions. You don’t have to sleep on it but give it a few hours.

b.   Beware forwarding emails
·         that contain jokes,
·         asides
·         or personal comments.

c.    Re-read your responses, particularly to emotionally charged emails at least once.

d.   Realise and accept  that not all emails get delivered.

Q:      “What is the value of avoiding just one misunderstanding?”

A:        “Well that is like trying to determine the value of a single light bulb.

Unlit it has little value.

Lit it can illuminate a room.

And one illuminated room occupied by one creative person can change the world! “

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