Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Twitter and its Antisocial Social Selling Challenge

Are your 140 characters a taz , a slogan and does that really matter ?

Maybe it is still early days for Twitter.

Of course the launch on the NYSE profitably underwritten by Goldman Sachs  (GS) making Twitter a more conventional business..

 GS did a good selling job but the world of investor finance is a mile away from the day to day world.

Have the old business rules changed ?

We used to be told :-

Sales turnover is vanity
Profit is sanity and
Cash flow reality

Sales statistics like 80 million sign ups over three months but only 3 million daily users would suggest quite a wasteful sales funnel or leaky leads bucket.

77 million dormant accounts look a little worrying.

(However maybe the sign ups are ‘listening’ to the twitter sphere first before entering any ‘dialogue’.)

Twitter has some major selling challenges we can all relate to

  • Protecting exciting customer user base

  • Expanding within that customer user base

  • Developing new customer user business.

The overall spectacular and growing  numbers of free subscribers and users still seem to excite investors on the advertising potential but how to insert more advertising without ruining the user experience will be a challenge.

Twitter is a real time broadcaster deriving 65% of revenues from mobile .

It’s revenues have doubled in 2012 and is expected to repeat this feat for 2013-11-11

But it will have to achieve solid user engagement with actual advertising revenues sooner or later.

As the old proverb of 91 characters goes

“When all is said and done, more is said than done”

For ‘said’ read  tweeted’

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