Sunday, 3 November 2013

The costs of losing Selling Talent

How many in your sales team are looking for a new job ?

The CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook study of about 3,000 employees  published last week has tracked the following :

Talent once again on the move

% of Workers are looking for a new job

20% Spring 2012
21% Spring 2012
24% Autumn 2013   ( 24% in private and voluntary sectors, 23% in public sector)

Recruitment freeze - signs of thawing

% of Employees reporting their employers have a freeze on recruitment

29% in Winter 2012
28% in Spring 2013
25% in Autumn 2013.

These numbers signal a decline in fear around job security. It looks like talent is on the move again and sales managers need to keep a closer eye on retaining their key talent.

If monitoring their sales force progression and providing opportunities to discuss career development is not undertaken they could well risk losing some of their best salespeople

The  Halogen / CIPD study showed the intention to look for a new job increases with job dissatisfaction –

 62% of unsatisfied workers were looking for a job, compared to 10% of satisfied workers.

Importance of Exit interviews 

Even if many sales managers know the theoretical value of undertaking  an exit interview of salespeople who leave the company most don't have  the time to undertake it or perhaps even the courage to do it.

But the duty is undertaken to commercial advantage by the recruitment industry. The study by Finlay James Associates confirms that money is seldom the reason for a move only 13.% moved because of inadequate remuneration.

Their findings are in the chart below

Losing sales talent can be a costly affair

What would the costs be to your company of the following?

  • The cost of a  vacant territory and subsequent loss of sales opportunities  £,,,,,,,
  • The cost of your and  your senior sales additional staff’s coaching time £,,,,,
  • The cost of  reduced team morale £.....
  • The cost of damaged customer loyalty
  • Potential litigation costs – unfair dismissal claims, etc

    let alone damaged reputation to your organisation

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