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Selling to yourself first is the best Sellfie – developing a positive mental attitude for selling PMA

To Selfie or Sellfie ? that is the question

“The word of 2013”, according to the Oxford Dictionary ( On-line) is SELFIE.

It should not be too much of a surprise to us all, yet we may not all feel quite so comfortable about it. It does rather smack of our very human vanity.

Imagine for a moment that you are observing people at the party after a wedding ceremony. The photographer has already developed the first prints and displayed their portfolio on a table in the vestibule at the entrance to the wedding banquet room.

As the guests approach the table of photographs before entering the dining room, you might see them perusing the gallery of photos with puzzled expressions. Soon  you might notoce that instant relief which comes over their faces as they find a photograph where they recognise themselves wearing that “Hat” “ ‘Coat”, or with those ‘Shoes’ and “Gloves”” !.

Of course some of them deftly disguise this instinctive behaviour like a skilled conjuror by distracting your observing eye by swiftly gesturing to another part of the photograph or even another photograph “Oh  doesn’t the bride look beautiful”, or “ the groom look handsome?

But when you think back and consider, you realise that the first look they made was for themselves.

Looking out for No. 1

It’s human nature; we are number one in the photograph

I guess even in that now famous selfie of the Holy Father with the youngsters , the young folk would have looked for their own face first ,wanting to ensure they were captured in the company of the famous Pope Francis. Perhaps even the Pope himself looked for himself in the first fractions of a second as he looked at the selfie.

Such instant portraiture can be subsequently edited or airbrushed. Few of us have Oliver Cromwell’s courage and honesty to be painted ‘warts and all’.

Yet for professional salespeople taking a long, hard and  honest look at oneself is an important self discipline – arguably it should be done daily.

The reason for this is that the first sale one makes, is to oneself.

 For this you need to develop a positive mental attitude.

First thing in the morning you may wish to use an ‘old skool’ selfie  in the form of a bathroom mirror.

As you look at the bathroom mirror of a morning, look at the face and ask how excited it looks about it’s day’s work and what it will offer to the market?

Is it the face of one who is rearing to go because you’re totally confident that what you have to say/offer is something of great value that your clients need or want?

Or does that morning face look back at you like one expressing  just another day and, at some point, you’re going to have to try to convince some people that what you have to say/offer is something they need?

The difference between those two different attitudes/perspectives is significant.

Those with high PMA usually get to enjoy all the rewards that are earned by those who lead their field, while those in the other camp usually tend to struggle and wonder why they can’t achieve what the winners in the sales team are achieving.

One solution to this problem is to practise “The first sale is to yourself.” A “Sellfie” if you like

SEllFIE  PITCHIE -Your Daily Selling Credo

 What this means  is that you  begin EVERY DAY with the deep rooted belief that you have value to bring to your customers.

In other words, if you don’t wake up feeling this way, your  number one task is to “sell to yourself”  what you have (or your company has) to offer the market.—that you have something of great value that you would be remiss if you didn’t offer to others.

When you really believe this to the core of your being, it’s amazing how that changes everything

As the late Steve Jobs of Apple once wrote :-

““For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

That first sale of the day

  • isn’t about a sales technique.

  • isn’t about a sales process.

  • isn’t about a new tactic or strategy.

 but it is about what goes on in your head.

 And once you have “sold” it to yourself, it makes it infinitely easier to “sell” it to others.

How’s it going today?

How are you doing on this?

 Are you totally convinced day after day that what you have to say/offer is something of great value that the clients in your target market really need/want—and that if you don’t offer it, they’ll be at a loss?

If not, and you’d like to do a better job of making the first sale to yourself, here’s an idea you might try.

Create a “My Daily First Sale Pitch,” for yourself? In other words, instead of writing a sales script to sell one of your products or services, why don’t you create a sales script to sell you on you?

For example, you might start with a line like this.

“The people in my target market will want to listen to what I have to say (or want to buy what I have to offer) because of …”

Then write a long list of reasons why you (or your company) are the perfect match for the people in your target market (a minimum of 10 reasons, but 20 to 30 are better).

For more ideas on this see  the link at end of this post.

Make this your affirmation list. Boost yourself up. Be your own greatest advocate!

And keep working on it until when you read it you think, “Anyone would be bonkers not to use me (or my company).”

Finally, if you want to get the most from this, Read your list every morning (hence the title, “My Daily First Sale Pitch”) until it sinks in and you really believe it to the core of your being.


 Because if you do, you’ll find that a month or two from now, you’ll be in a radically better place.

 Because the first sale is always to yourself.

So take an imaginary sellfie each morning and make the first sell of the day to yourself.
Focus on what is important
Capture the good times
Develop from the negatives

And if things don’t work
Take another shot

 And who knows , maybe the #Sellfie or #Pitchie will be a future contender for the Oxford Dictionary’s  word of the year !

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