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3 Temperaments sellers need to decipher to discover buyer intentions

 “Understand the temperament of those you deal with, in order to know their intentions.”

Many years before modern age Psychology, Baltazar Gracian was advising the merchant salespeople of the court of Aragon in 17th Century Spain on ‘deciphering ‘the relationship between personality and behaviours.'

He believed that when the cause of a temperament is fully known , so is the effect which is deduced first from the cause and then from the motive.

He identifies three main temperament  types .

"The MELANCHOLIC always predicts disaster!

The SLANDERER faults, they always see the worst and not perceiving the good actually before them. They foresee only possible misfortune!

Those influenced by PASSION never talk of things as they actually are: passion speaks through them not reason."

"And similarly each according to his ( her) temper or humour, and all are far from the truth."

Gracian urges his readers to learn how to" decipher expression and interpret the soul (mind) in outward signs; recognise the person who is always laughing has something missing, and the one who never laughs is false."

"Be cautious of someone inquisitive because they are either talkative or fault finding."

Today's psycholgical profiles are more developed , but the roots of three types systems can be traced back through Spain's Gracian to  Ancient Greece's Hippocrates.

*FIRO-b’ 3 aspects of Inclusion, Control and Affection 

*PARIO  3 Career anchors of analytical, interpersonal and emotional competence

*PRISM Brain Mapping 3 distinct  profiles or maps of a person’s behaviour.

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