Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Marketing Perception Reality #AWEUROPE 2014 and Aragon 1647

“ Things don’t pass for what they are, but for how they appear

No it was not said by Sir Martin Sorell of WPP at Advertising week Europe at the BAFTA site in London’s Piccadilly but I guess could have been.

No , theses are the words of Baltazar Gracian in1647.

In his little pocket of courtly wisdom Gracian continues “ Few look within and many are content with appearances.

It’s not enough to be right if your face is wrong.”

Similar advice could have come from Self development  experts like Anthony Robbins or one of the contemporary Mindfulness experts doing the rounds nowadays.

The One minute Courtier.

Gracian’s little Pocket Book came out well before Ken Blanchard's  The One Minute Manager.

Much of what social media is about is appearance. – About your Social profile.

The modern phobia of FOMO, Fear of Missing Out would be recognised by the courtiers in 1647 desperate to being on message with the most recent courtly goss.

Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) similarly would be familiar to the courtiers.

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