Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Car Park - keeping delegates happy and keeping your training session under control not over spiced

Day two of the London Underground (The Tube) strike is causing problems for some . Getting around our city has been a struggle. The Car parks  full to bursting . Drivers are hunting around for spare places. Their time is wasted and stress levels raised.

Providing an 'ideas car park' is useful for learners and  trainers  / those who run meetings. 

Often in a training interaction you may need to check with your delegates what they want to learn from the session, you may need to test for current concerns  and check points they wish to bring up.

Spicy Training is a set of short
Trainer the trainer tips,
 max. of 250 words with visuals,
 suitable for mobiles
They may raise an issue which cannot be dealt with in detail during your session because there is not be time to cover it or authority present to action it or it may not be relevant to your central theme.

A place to park Ideas

The purpose of the Car Park flip chart is to quickly and positively  acknowledge the viewpoint and display it. This allows you to swiftly return to the central theme of your session and keep on track but keeps an atmosphere of shared and 'democratic' learning.

Your 'Car Park' sheet can be quickly
prepared and taped up before your session
Additional Advantage of the Car Park Flip chart 

Often the points recorded on the Car Park can be used as material and ideas for items for a future session.

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