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Selling and Giving Rights - Faith Trust and GOSH - Pixie Dust

After The Business Biscotti  networking meeting last Wednesday in Gloucester Road, I decided to walk to my next appointment at Earls Court Exhibition Centre for the 2014 London Book Fair. The Fair is much about Rights , Copyright, Access and Publishing. So mind was wondering about such things in the Spring sunshine.

As I cut through Collingham Gardens SW5 and noticed a wonderful eye catching display at No 5. Giant inflatable Rabbits !!

They were collecting for the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital for  this Easter

No 5 Collingham Gardens
In  April 1929 the Great Ormond Street  Hospital for Children (GOSH) was the recipient of playwright J. M. Barrie's copyright to the Peter Pan works, with the provision that the income from this source not be disclosed.

This gave the Children’s Hospital control of the rights to these works, and entitled it to royalties from any performance or publication of the play and derivative works.

 Four theatrical feature films were produced innumerable performances of the play have been presented, and numerous editions of the novel were published under licence from the hospital.

When the copyright originally expired at the end of 1987, 50 years after Barrie's death, the UK government granted the hospital a perpetual right to collect royalties for public performances, commercial publication, or other communications to the public of the work.

 The UK copyright was subsequently extended through 2007 by a European Union directive in 1996 standardising terms throughout the EU to the author's life plus 70 years.

 J M Barrie’s gift of the rights to Peter Pan has provided a significant source of income to Great Ormond Street Hospital ever since they were given to the hospital in 1929.

Giant Easter Bunnies in Collingwood Gardens London SW5

Copyright Designs and Patents Act CDPA
The copyright first expired in the UK (and the rest of Europe) in 1987, 50 years after Barrie’s death.

However, former Prime Minister Lord Callaghan successfully proposed an amendment to the Copyright Designs and Patents Act (CDPA) of 1988, giving Great Ormond Street Hospital the unique right to royalties from stage performances of Peter Pan (and any adaptation of the play) as well as from publications, audio books, ebooks, radio broadcasts and films of the story of Peter Pan, in perpetuity.

Little Bogdan Orlov thinks it's a good cause too

In the UK, the CDPA therefore prevails so that the hospital will continue enjoying the benefit of Barrie’s gift in perpetuity.


This means that whenever a performance of Peter Pan is staged or a book published, a royalty (a percentage of the ticket price or book price) is payable to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Well I found out more about the selling of Rights and the London Book Fair which I will write up on another post.
There's big Easter bunny behind you Bogdan !

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