Monday, 25 April 2016

Selling's debt #Shakespeare400

21st century Sales Quoting Shakespeare
on the bard’s  400th anniversary 23rd April

(with apologies to Bernard Levin et al)

If you cannot understand the jargon in that request for proposal (RFP) and you sigh, ‘It’s all Greek to me” you are quoting Shakespeare.

 If you claim to be “more sinned against than sinning” ⁱⁱ to your sales manager, you are quoting Shakespeare;

 if you recall “your salad days”  ⁱⁱⁱ way back-in-the-day, you are quoting Shakespeare; 

if you ever raise a complaint “more in sorrow than in anger” , if your wish is “father to the thought” ⁵ in a brainstorming session, if your smart phone has vanished into thin air , you are quoting Shakespeare;

The New Day on Friday
 if you have ever refused to “budge an inch”   in a negotiation or suffered from “green-eyed jealousy” of a competitor’s offering, if you feel a buyer has played fast and loose, if you have ever been “tongue-tied” at a presentation, your support team to have been a “tower of strength”  , “hoodwinked” ⁱ⁰ by an influencer with no real buying authority or “in a pickle” ⁱ₁a when you have messed up

if you have knitted your brows ₁b  , made a virtue of necessity  ⁱ₂  , insisted on “fair play”  ⁱ₃, “slept not one wink”  ⁱ⁴, have not “stood on ceremonyⁱ⁵danced attendance  ⁱ⁶  on your lord and master ⁱ⁷ at the company annual sales conference , laughed yourself into stitches ⁱ⁸ at the Buyer’s jokes , had short shrift ⁱ⁹ at a sales beauty paradecold comfort  ⁱⁱ⁰  or too much of a good thingⁱⁱ ₁ at the Christmas party, if your business clothes have seen better days ⁱⁱ₂  or lived in a fool’s paradise ⁱⁱ₃—why, be that as it may, the more fool you ⁱⁱ⁴, for it is a foregone conclusion  ⁱⁱ⁵  that you are (as good luck would have it) ⁱⁱ⁶  quoting Shakespeare;

 if you clear out, bag and baggage,  ⁱⁱ⁷  and all that surplus out of date literature and samples from your garage, if you think it is high time  ⁱⁱ⁸  and that is the long and short of it ⁱⁱ⁹   , if you believe the game is up  ₃⁰  and it’s time to try for a close and that the truth will out , even if it involves your own flesh and blood ₃ⁱⁱ, if you lie low ₃ⁱⁱⁱ  until the crack of doom ₃⁴   because you suspect foul play ₃⁵ , if you have your teeth set on edge ₃⁵ (at one fell swoop ₃⁶  ) without rhyme or reason  ₃⁷  , then—to give the devil his due   ₃⁸  —if the truth were known  ₃⁹    and need to speak out for you have a tongue in your head  ⁴⁰  you are quoting Shakespeare; 

even if you bid me good riddance ⁴ⁱ  and send me packing ⁴₂   , if you wish I was dead as a doornail  ⁴₃   , if you think I am an eye-sore ⁴⁴, a laughing stock ⁴⁵  , the devil[s] incarnate ⁴⁶   , a stony-hearted villain ⁴⁷  , bloody-minded ⁴⁸  or a blinking idiot ⁴⁹  , then—by Jove! it’s all one to me ⁵⁰, you are quoting Shakespeare.

Julius Caesar Act 1 scene2 ; ⁱⁱKing Lear Act 3 ; ⁱⁱⁱAnthony and Cleopatra Act 1 Scene 5; Hamlet Act 1 scene 2
; ⁵Henry IV part 2 scene 5; Taming of the Shrew;  Othello Act 3 Scene 3; Sonnet 85; Richard III
ⁱ⁰ Romeo & Juliet Act 1 Scene 4; ⁱ₁ a Tempest ₁b   Henry VI ;   ⁱ₂ Two Gentlemen of Verona; ⁱ₃Tempest ; ⁱ⁴Cymbeline; ⁱ⁵Julius Caesar;ⁱ⁶Henry VI part2 ; ⁱ⁷ Twelfth Night; ⁱ⁸Twelfth Night; ⁱ⁹ Richard III; ⁱⁱ⁰ Taming of the Shrew ;
ⁱⁱ₁ As you like it; ⁱⁱ₂As you like it ; ⁱⁱ₃  Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 4; ⁱⁱ⁴ The taming of the Shrew; ⁱⁱ⁵  Othello ; ⁱⁱ⁶Merry Wives of Windsor Act3 Scene 5; ⁱⁱ⁷ As you like it  ; ⁱⁱ⁸ Comedy of Errors  ; ⁱⁱMerry Wives of Windsor ; ₃⁰Cymbeline ;   Merchant of Venice ; ₃ⁱⁱ  Merchant of Venice; ₃ⁱⁱⁱ Much do about nothing ; ₃⁴Macbeth ; ₃⁵Hamlet ; ₃⁵  Henry IV Part1  ; ₃⁶Macbeth ;  ₃⁷ As you like it ;  ₃⁸Henry IV part1; ₃⁹Winter’s Tale;  ⁴⁰Tempest ; ⁴ⁱ Troilus and Cressida ;  ⁴₂Henry VI part 2;  
⁴₃Henry VI part 2; ⁴⁴Taming of the Shrew; ⁴⁵Merry Wives of Windsor;  ⁴⁶ Henry V; ⁴⁷Henry IV part1;  ⁴⁸Henry VI part 3 ;
⁴⁹Merchant of Venice; ⁵⁰Troilus Act 1 Scene 1

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