Friday, 10 August 2012

Becoming a selling legend Usain Bolt style

Listening to Michael Johnson on the BBC TV coverage of last night's 200m  men's final at London 2012 it appears that a lot goes on in the head of the elite champions during those scant 20 seconds.

Usain Bolt set his own target to go for Gold in  the 100 and 200metres in successive Olympics which would mean for him - he would be a legend.

 He even admitted ahead of the games he was only 95% fit.

Olympic great Johnson pointed out the checks that are carried out in double quick time by elite sprinters in the race which were further explained when the slow motion repeats were played .

 You see Bolt's eyes darting around checking the rest of the field of competitors and in particular Blake.

His gesture when crossing the finishing line of his index finger crossing his lips  gestured to his critics and doubtrs that they should keep silent and should have not lost faith.

Day 5: Your 5 a day selling tips to go a la Bolt today are
      21.       Look for buying signals - check for positive body language,- sweep those eyes around like Usain

      22.      Listening actively straight from the start like those sprinters intently listening for the starting pistol

       23.      Prepare some different closing techniques  like the sprinters you need contingencies and flexibility at the real race- directly ask ( closed question), alternative, assumptive ( open question), summary, caution, reference, isolation, concession Click this link for worked examples

       24.       Look for ‘yes’ responses’ Keep you eyes and ears alert for positive responses.

25.   Keep the chat gap to a minimum.
       Bolt may have chatted to the other competitors and officials  in the last couple of preparation minutes but you could see he was still focused.
He built instant rapport with the 80,000 in the stadium. He settled the arena down for the start.

 For all the show biz gestures, media sound bites, lightning mimes and gentle clowning ultimately he let his legs do the talking. Let your hard work and talent shine to become  the best salesperson you can be - Your Own Legend!

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