Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Usain Bolt Quotes for Salespeople

Day 2 of our 5 a day to go selling tips series begins with motivating words of the fastest man in the world.

4 Inspiring quotes from Usain Bolt last Sunday night after winning the 100m August 5th  at London 2012.

These quotes cover  a. self belief , b.  business focus, c. playing to your strengths and  d. his version of actions speaking louder than words.

1. " When it comes to business I know what I need to do. I have a great talent" 

2. " I tell your, people, when it comes to championships it's about business for me - I brought it. I executed and that was the key" he told the BBC.

3. " I think I sat in the blocks a little bit, so I don't think it's the best reaction in the world. My coach said, 'Stop worrying about the start , the best part of your race is at the end, that's where you rule' "

4. Asked about the people who had doubted him, he said " I'm not concerned. I've said it from the start, people can talk, all they can do is talk"

         Usain Bolt - Still the fastest man alive!

Day 2 : Your   2nd set of 5 a day selling tips to go
6.       Take time to think like a champion - scroll back and read the quotes above one more time

Think how a positive mental attiude must have helped
 Victoria Pendleton clear the disappointment of
 the day before her kierin Gold medal achievement
when she and Jess Varnish
 were disqualified in the team sprint. 
7.       Develop the right mental attitude – be positive rather than negative

8.       Say “ You” more often - You sane :)

9.       Audit your Attributes Skills and Knowledge - where do you "rule"? ( see Bolt quote No. 3 above)

10.   Find out the client’s personals motivators as well as the business ones.

Poster on the London Underground ( The Tube)
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