Monday, 6 August 2012

Your 5 a day Selling tips to go- 14 day selling skills detox

One of the slogans of London 2012 is " Inspire a generation"

Well maybe we can use the joy of the London 2012 Olympics to inspire all generations of professional salespeople competing in the current economic challenges.

For the next fortnight "Fruits of Success with Hugh"  will have a daily set of "5-a-day-to-go" selling fuses to  light up your selling.

These shorter posts are suitable for mobiles and smart phones

 Let's start with some 'pithy' quotes for our selling mindset this first day.
You might not be carrying one of the Olympic torches
 but you can carry a bag of selling solutions from the next fortnight's
 " five-a-day-to- go from " fruits of success"

      1. “By the yard it’s hard by the inch it’s a cinch!”
      2.   “ Measure twice cut once”
      3. “ Sell the sizzle not the steak"
      4.    “There is not much emotion in business but there’s a hell- ‘f -a -lot of business in emotion”
      5. “ Different strokes for different folks”
With the continuing selling challenges ahead of us in this double dip recession ( The Sunday Times even talks of a triple dip!), let us take stock and get inspired by the world’s great Olympic athletes visiting London this month and this great summer festival of sport.
Hugh Alford holding a London 2012 torch
The London 2012 Olympics actually started a few days before that  opening ceremony  of Industrial chimneys, Mr Bean, HMTQ " Good evening Mr Bond" , Daniel Craig  and the multi-leaved cauldron.

A  football match was played in the national stadium in Wales three days before.
The Olympic torch flames continued to be transferred the flame through parts of London linking it with the whole UK through during those last  three days.
 So it is with today’s buyers who start to play the ‘business games’ by surfing our suppliers websites perhaps long before many in sales  will even realise an opportunity is available.
 Suppliers, maybe, are still preparing to enter the arena waiting for the cue of unfurling of flags, the flourish of fanfares and setting of the fireworks.
  For suppliers it seems the business games need to be ‘officially started by the ignition of the of the cauldron. 

76% of the respondents of the Buyers’ Views of Salespeople Survey 2012 ranked the Supplier’s website within 1- 4 on a scale of ten - when asked about sourcing supplier product information preferred channel to source/receive such details

The ranking 1-10 in terms of preference/relevance where 1 was highly relevant to 10 highly irrelevant
The Buyers’ Views of Salespeople Survey 2012 is shortly to be published.

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