Tuesday, 8 January 2013

6 words and phrases to avoid when selling in 2013

I guess it must be useful for all sales people to know what might bother , irritate, annoy , get  on buyers' or [prospects   nerves;  well it might be those little words or phrases which are superfluous to clear expression yet which  nonetheless  we use in casual conversation.

At the end of each year Marist Poll conducts a telephone survey on over 1000 adults in USA to find out the words that annoy them most in casual conversation.

Respondents seem to be quite exercised by all this since only 5% are unsure. Most surveyed have definite opinions on this. It might surprise you what are the top half dozen hates.

The distinction between casual conversation and formal conversations in business  continues to crossover  on-line and off- line channels of communication.

More sales conversations are conducted over phones these days, and our face to face work includes informal environments such as networking events , conferences , seminars so it might be worth making a note on what might irritate prospects and buyers in our small talk.


  1. Whatever           38%                       
  2. Like                        20%                       
  3. You know            19%                       
  4. Just saying          11%                       
  5. Seriously             7%


  1. Whatever                         32% 
  2. Like                                    21%
  3. You Know                         17%
  4.  Just saying                      10%
  5. Twitterverse                    9%
  6.  Gotcha                              5%

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