Thursday, 31 January 2013

BYOD How will Selling tackle BOYD up behaviour of Salespeople?

How will Selling tackle BOYD up behaviour of Salespeople?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is helping sales teams increasingly.  To attract the talent they need to prosper increasingly graduates and early career folk will select an employer on its flexible working arrangements and the freedom to connect to work away from the conventional sales office base.

Sales organisations that permit employees to use their own tablet or phone to work remotely will not only attract new and diverse talent but will also gain from less space more cloud usage and therefore less costs.

BOYD  and remote working also provide employees with a great sense of freedom and independence. This can result in salespeople who are more engaged in their work and could well help with staff retention. They can often feel more emotionally connected with what they do and thus give the business a competitive edge.

Security Concerns

Many believe that distributed working poses a clear and present risk to data protection.

Others argue that if the correct  procedures and processes are put in place corporate security can be stronger. In the future employees need to ta responsibility for adhering to procedures and policies.

Businesses will need to overcome the IT complexity that comes with flexible and remote working. Governance and controls will have to be intensified.

The mobile connected salesperson is already here. Sales management will need to embrace it. Technology’s main advantage to Sales is its ability to create freedom in the workplace, breaking   down internal barriers and allowing salespeople to cooperate more effectively and efficiently.

Yesterday some in the UK commemorated the ending of England’s civil war in 1649 with the execution of King Charles 1 who believed in the divine right of kings.

One of his ancestors a Saxon called Canute 1016-1035 allegedly  showed his fawning courtiers that some powers ( like the Divine right of Kings)are not in the power of the executive. He demonstrated that the ocean’s tides did not respond to his commands.

Likewise today’s executive will not be able to stop the tide of BOYD and remote mobile sales teams?

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