Sunday, 10 March 2013

Aleksandr Orlov at world premiere in Oxford


Mr. Hugh has weekendings off , so  I Alekandr Orlov  meerkat  blogger is guest editors .
I, Aleksandr Orlov visits Oxford  and Exeters College and witnesses world premiere music piece. Exeters livesly college is in middle of Oxford. Woulds be difficult to be more centrals. Exeters exquisite Chapel, tranquil Fellow Gardens and terraces overlookings famous beautiful Square Radcliffe and its famous Camera very historicals.
Left: Alexandr recreating famous scene
 from detective Morse Code
Right: At oldest Coffee House in England
 after Evensong at Exeter College , Oxford
The College is livings history with formers students Tolkien famous author or Ring of  Lords long book and epics films , JRTwas undergraduate here, as was History Boy Alan Bennett,   Martin Amis, and  Dark materials author Philip Pullman another Exonians.

Also fictions based Jordan College on Exeters.  Inspector Morse Code collapsed on the lawn grasses in  front quad. See my heroic enactent on identicals lawn left picture.

From websites blurbs I read Exeters celebrate diversities but I see no Meerkat portraits on Dining Room wall,  I see just men in batsuit gownses.

As would expects from a small, close-knitting College, there is  carings atmosphere, where people looks out for each others. With such a supportive and buoyant atmospheres at Exeter, College life is great fun and hugely sociables.

They were all in onesies from Primark store , 'letting hairs down 'partying end of term day last Friday 9th March 2013

Right: Alekandr checking out organ
 in Exeter College Chapel
Right: Singing with All Saints Church Fulham
 Choir, in Exeter College Chapel
Peoples may not know  my hiding talents is singings. So I join wondefuls Fulhams All Saint Church choir. You see their famously old church tower at start of each boat race each year on televisions. (Tower and Belling in need of repair. Good cause to support !)
At Exeter College we sings world premiere of Jonathan Wikeley introit anthem “ My Lord is alone ” in College Chapel, very movings music.
We also see gloriousness ‘Mag's’ and ‘Nunc's’ of Stanford in sea . To make up for lack of sea in Oxford we have Rev Penny Brook of sea preside over service of Songs of evening. She very nice reverend.
Chapel very boomings acoustic remind me of my palace bathroom in Meerkova which I love to sings in while Sergei scratch my back with softy Loofa and scented soaps.
After I celebrate songs of evening with choir, I go for refreshings coffee in Oldest Coffee house in England but they not knowings of crushed beetle coffee with sprinklings of earwigs so I settle for cappucinos.

Alekandr admires wonderful painting
at the Ashmolean Musueum, Oxford
From theres then I go to Museum Ashmole moley museum to see famous perspective huntings painting by Ucello with its amazings perspecticles.
Oxford wonderful city to sightseeings in and great privileges to sing in especially with Maestros’ Wikeley music and All Saints Fulham Choir.

Old tower 1432  in Exeter College, Oxford

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