Sunday, 24 March 2013

'You can't have enough chiefs' -Aleksandr Orlov goes to National Portrait Gallery

In this postings I Aleksandr playng role of intrepid arts reporter for Mr. Hugh.
Aleksandr visits the National Portrait Gallery, London left
 and to the right

London's arty scenes have been  playing host to  American eye of world.

At National Gallery are paintings of  Frederic Church ( He the "Shiskin" of America) including spectacular and huge painting of Niagara Falls from the American side. ( A must see ! )

Also great landscapes and Iceberg paintings
Free exhibition

 Through American Eyes exhibition

Another art show in London is the collection of George Catlin's Indian Gallery has returned to be shown 170 years after first show in Piccadilly, London in the Egyptian Halls.

 During 1830s Pennsylvanian born paiter George Catlin (1796-1872) made trips to western United States to documents  Native American peoples and their way of life.

The resulting portraits have become most evocative and important records of indigenous peoples made.

Mr. Hugh told me that " Catlin was an entrepreneur and a show man ( and salesman) who inspired by his encounters he created an 'Indian Gallery that toured America and Europe for ten years."

 Link to site on American Indian Portraits at National Portrait Gallery

One of the most moving portraits is of  No-hum-mun-ya -  translates as 'One who gives no attention'

The name appeals to Mr Hugh !

 No-hum-mun-ya took part in George Melody's  European travelling show in 1843 a troupe of Iowa Indians. No-hum-mun-ya  sadly died of an infectious disease in Liverpool during the tour.

Mr. Hugh's favourite Portraits
 left, No-hum-mun-ya and  right Stu-mick-o-sucks 

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