Saturday, 30 March 2013

Palm Sunday to Easter from Putney to Fulham ,St Paul's Cathedral and Jerusalem - A London Holy Week

Here is a set of photos that tell part of the story of a London  Holy Week from the All Saints Church, Fulham.

You could see our churh from the aerial photography at the start of the Boat Race which this year coincided with Easter Day on TV
Our Palm Sunday starts with the collection of a donkey

We set off with Palms in hand
 to St Mary's Church Putney

We hear the Gospel for Palm Sunday St Mary's  Putney

It was so cold we were allowed
 to wear warm hats

We are led on our procession across Putney Bridge over the Thames
 back to Fulham by the donkey

During Holy week we learn about the Seder Meal

For example Wine drops on the napkin to depict the ten plagues

Maundy Thursday the Blessing of  Oils
  and  renewal of vows
Wrapped up well on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral on Maudy Thursday Tina, Andrew,Sylvia and Jim  to support Canon Joe,  Rev Penny, Rev Eileen , Reader Mary and Archbishop Walter for the renewal of vows and Blessing of the Oils
Back in All Saints Church, Fulham - Our Christmas Tree from 2012
 becomes the Cross of the Passion

The crown of thorns
Our lady chapel during holy week
We assemble a huge number of Hot Cross buns ordered from the baker- Several baker's dozens !
After the three hours service , Hot cross buns are given after our family service on Good Friday

My Simnel Cake worked well this year


A statue to our lady and the lady chapel
with spring sunshine  lovely rainbow colours effect
 from the stained glass windows
on the carpet
Saturday we do a BIG cleaning job - even the heating gratings-
where we find £4 which had fallen down the grating
which goes to our Tower and Bells appeal
The Thurible get a good clean
The aumbrey light is cleaned also
Serious yellow 'marigolds' are employed for cleaning work !
Lectern candlesticks and Pascal candlestick cleaned
 of candle wax and cleaning the brass
Vacuuming the chancel and flowers for the font
Flowers to be arranged throughout the church
The display behind the main altar
Arrangements for the pulpit and the lectern
Our Easter Garden - don't you just love the children's paper daffodils
The empty tomb 
All is prepared for our dawn Service at 5.30 a.m. and not to forget the clock goes forward an hour !
It's 4.54 a.m. on Easter Morning
 All is quiet at the west door of all Saints Church Fulham
The moon shines in the still black sky


Easter Bells  2011
Our Pascal Candle for 2013 now in place after the dawn service
The last embers of our Easter fire otside the West Door of
 All Saints Parish Church, Fulham
Blessed among women
A puff of incence for a our lady from the Thurible
a banner for the Putney shore for the
 BNY Mellon University Boat Race 2013
asks a question

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