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National Poetry Day 2013 for hard working people

October 8th 2015 is National Poetry Day in the UK

To celebrate some funny , some profound some helpful poems on selling sources / links given where known firstly my own effort to the #poetryuk challenge for October 3rd 2013

STC *  Sells

Water water everywhere
 it has to be in Britain ,where
a day of poems  set to cheer
a nation’s verses love affair.

Water water everywhere
To write a poem was the dare,
To rhyme or scan without a care
October third this very year

Water water everywhere
Without a drop to drink
Listen hard, sell without fear

Time to close I think ! 

*STC  Samuel Taylor Coleridge's line from the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner "Water water everywhere" was the theme challenge for the National Poetry day 2013 - for my friends at TACK for years STC stood for their Sales Training Course now called PRO-PAYBACK selling.

The Seller of Dreams
A customer once asked me
‘Do you sell dreams? ’

By his request, I felt quite amused,
But, also rather somewhat confused.

We sell buckets and bleach
And tins of baked beans,
But, as far as I know,
We’ve never sold dreams.

We sell candles and cola
And custardy creams,
But, I’m pretty sure that
We’ve never sold dreams.

We sell pot noodle and plates
And paper in reams,
But, I can almost swear that
We’ve never sold dreams.

We sell clothes and paper clips
And cloth wipes which clean,
Is it even possible
To be a seller of dreams?

The man then informed me that
He meant ‘Dreams’: treats for his cat!
Oh, how I laughed once I realised:
I even sprung a leak from my eyes!

The customer moved off after a while,
But, upon my face, there remained a smile! 

Poet : Angela Wybrow, Salisbury, Wiltshire

A more serious poem gleaned from the web

The Salesman's Poem

by John Kumpunen,

Long before your eyes will meet,
Say aloud his name.
Know the games he likes to play,
And how he got his fame.

When face to face, smile and speak
His name and words of praise.
You’re there to solve his problems
So let him speak for days.

He wants to look important,
He craves for honest thanks.
So give him that with all your heart
You’ll rise above the ranks.

Like you and I, he acts on thought,
tho’ thoughts are spoken feelings.
To change his heart and all within
Go thru’ his noble dealings.

Never argue, criticize or tell that
He is wrong. You’ll only take his
Doubts away and prove that you
Are a Ding-a-ling-a-dong.

link / source :

John Kumpunen, M.A.
President and CEO

                           Selling is everyone's business and when it's not, you're in trouble.
Think about it . . .
remember the time you decided not to go back to a company,
because the shipping clerk sent you the wrong item,
the receptionist was cold and surly;
the manager didn't have time to talk to a mere customer,
the doctor had you wait two hours.
That's selling . . . negative selling.
Remember - everyone sells, and not just externally, but internally as well.
When you want a raise, you sell your boss on your skills and value.
When you set new policies and procedures you sell these to your staff in a way they can accept,
or you'll soon find they'll ignore them.
When you expect more of your staff than you're willing to properly train and supervise them for,
you're whistling up a hollow tree,
because they're only as good as the training you give them.
But there's more to selling than that . . .
Selling is knowing . . .
Who's your competition?
Who's your customer, client, patient or public?
And what's important - you or them?
Selling is knowing . . .
What your service, idea, or product is - and isn't;
what your public's needs are;
and what services or products you offer to fit those needs.
Selling is knowing . . .
When to market and where;
Where your competition isn't and then being there;
Why some things are accepted and others not.
Selling is knowing . . .
How to treat your public as you would like to be treated;
How to market and merchandise better than your competition;
How to listen and learn from your staff as well as your public;
How to assess your own knowledge, or lack of it about your services, ideas, goods or products;
and how to make it easier for your public to accept what you are offering.
And finally, Selling is knowing that this business is after all, a profession . . .
The Profession of Selling.
Let us not pretend it's someone else's problem.

Poet : Unknown
Source  Attitudes for Selling Alan J Zell  

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