Thursday, 31 October 2013

4 Selling lessons of Halloween for 2016

Halloween  now supersedes November the 5th Guy Fawkes Night as the third most popular festival after Christmas and Easter in the UK.

 For many, any spiritual or religious origins of festival are ignored. It is just a time of dressing up and having fun as the dark evenings close in.

Perhaps though, Halloween introduces to small children some of their first experiences of selling to the adult world - The craft of persuasive communication against resistance (albeit compliant resistance)

For example it may be the first time they have actually proactively engaged in a conversation of sorts with strangers beyond their comfort zone; to learn as it were to prospect in life and increase their customer base not just account manage the safety of  close existing friends.

 I guess the night is for some of today’s kids an early introduction to trying out a caution laced alternative close even if the underlying ethics of the of the negotiation are questionable !

“Trick or Treat”

[Trick or treating your buyer in ‘real’  adult life is not advisable but for more ethical closing techniques click here   Dressing up as a ghost or ghoul to visit your buyer  is not advised either ! ]

Maybe from the night they will learn that not every door is opened and you need to persevere when you’re prospecting

As parents and guardians who have spent serious amounts of money on costumes, sweet forfeits, and other paraphernalia recover from the Halloween treks perhaps they can reflect on the selling lessons the children have taken out of the evening.

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