Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sales Winners and Losers now and beyond - developing the postive mindset attitude

What's the difference between a winner or a loser ?
Here's the challenge for this year

WINNERS aim to achieve success
Losers aim to avoid failure

WINNERS aim for business results
Losers aim for personal kudos

WINNERS develop themselves by helping others to succeed
Losers criticise others to make themselves feel better

WINNERS talk solutions and take action
Losers talk problems and do nothing

WINNERS work to priorities
Losers never take time for the things they don’t want to do

WINNERS know that failure is deferred success
Losers think success is only deferred failure

WINNERS conquer fear
Losers quit when the going gets tough

Being a WINNER requires a lot of hard work
Losing requires no effort at all.

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  1. Planning for Success 2012 with TACK is shaping up to be a really strong event. Looking forward to sending delegates away with some tools to help them win this year! #pfs2012