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Seasonal Selling Lessons from Window displays in London's West End and Hammersmith

From window shopper to real shopper:

Here are some more ideas on selling displays from the top stores in London. They are helpful for those in retail or those working on exhibitions stands.

 Consider how the view looks from the inside as well as the outside

A window display is not merely for attracting people who  walk or drive past your store. It also can play an important role for the interior of the store.

 But consider whether this changes the original objectives of your display.

 These could well be different from the objectives you set for the side facing the street. On the outside, the objective may well be to attract attention and encourage people to enter. On the inside you may want to direct people towards a special product within store.

 This is an important area. Plan it just as carefully as the external display.
Wonderful eye catching giant handbag in Selfridges' window
Notice how you can see into the store and the glass lift/elevator
 provides movement to attract the eye

 Avoid blocking out light to the interior

Depending on the design of your store, the window may be an important source of light for you. If this is the case, use a display system that will not block out the light. 

Let  people to see what is happening inside the store.
Notice that the inside of the store can be seen from the outside

Your window is important - but so is what is happening inside. Don't block your window so much that it's not possible to see the inside of the store.

 If you want folk to enter your store  let them see what it's like. Keep the window display light so that people can get a 'taster' of the many delights to be found inside.

 Don't block out the view to the outside

Once you have managed to entice people to enter, they will feel much more comfortable if they can still have some connection with the outside.

 When designing the display it is helpful to imagine the view from the inside looking out.

 Lighting effects

Good lighting increases sales. This is a simple and very effective, way of creating an impact. Lighting can be used to create a mood by using colours. Create attention by making your lights move, flash or strobe. Use lighting dimmer switches to help you create just the effect you are looking for.

Think through your ideas and know exactly what it is you want to achieve. 

 Seasonal changes e.g. Christmas, Easter, Spring ,Summer...

Simple but effective idea of Window display
 a cascade of envelopes through the letter box
Store in King Street Hammersmith, West London
  Christmas 2013
You can really boost your sales by being aware of any special occasions and adapting your window to suit. 
People look at what you are focusing on. So, if your focus is Christmas be sure to catch their attention. Use the many different types of props that are available. Be creative - you can really make your window stand out from the crowd.

 Less is more…

You can make a big impact with small objects. In order to display small objects and get them noticed, you can use props suspended at different levels. 
This ‘floating effect’ will attract the eye of customers and really draw attention to your displays. 

Readability from a distance. Who is your message aimed at - people walking by or cars driving past?

Think about who is going to read your messages and where and when they see your window. 
If you are aiming at people walking past, the message you want to get across needs to be at around eye level and of a suitable size text that is easy to read without squinting. If you want to aim at people on the other side of the road, the message needs to be much larger. Larger banner type adverts may be suitable. If you want passengers driving past to get the message  from a car or bus- think - can it be read in a one second glance?

Test it out for yourself. Does your display allow the message to be seen where and when you would like?

Stack it high - sell it cheap may have worked for TESCO years ago- It is probably better for  post Thanksgiving  'Black Friday' or the January sales

You do not need to fill every  last square inch of space in your display. Instead, put fewer items and allow the eye to focus on the main items or products.

If you show everything you have in the window there may be no reason for people to enter the store. 

Instead, make people curious and you will be surprised at the result.

Good Selling !

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