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True Selling at Christmas 2103

There is a point of view that says ‘ nothing happens in business until a sale is made’.

It has recently been re-worked by the provocative UK comedian Sean Lock to promote his new video.

 ‘The true spirit of Christmas is selling…if there is no selling there is no giving.”

U.K. retail sales last November (2012) were 15 % above the average for the first 10 months of the year and 37 % above the average in December.

The UK multiples were promoting their Christmas season messages this tear from November with their epic productions.

The Tesco ad was themed around the strap line "There's nothing better than Christmas"

Boots  used the sound track of  Bronksi Beat’s Smalltown Boy,  for their ad, where a teenager  furtively takes to the street on a Christmas night to deliver presents to people who have done something special for him. Recipients include a teacher who helped him achieve a “B in Maths”, the “fittest girl in year 10” and the nurse who cared for his “nan”.  It used the brand’s “It Feels Good” punch line and highlights its offers on “1000s of Christmas gifts”

 M and  S’ advert engaged Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Helena Bonham Carter and David Gandy for their first Christmas campaign. The  tag line was ‘believe in magic and sparkle’ – began with leggy model Rosie chasing her dog down the street on a cold winter’s night and then having to follow him down a manhole, a nod to Alice in Wonderland.

Sainsbury's ‘Christmas in a Day’ clips  were followed by some more conventional ads for festive food.

A young boy in a bobble hat will be the star of Waitrose's Christmas ad campaign this year as the supermarket avoided the glitz and glamour to highlight its charitable efforts.

I'm a Celebrity Geordie presenters  Ant and Dec star  ignited the festive spirit eating Christmas in Morrisons' new Christmas TV ad, which presented an animated gingerbread man serenading them.

Wealth Management Consultants have for some time used the Carol dedicated to consumerism under the cost of your true love - The 12 days of Christmas An example is calculated in the PNC Wealth Management Index which has risen 7.7% this year.

12 Drummers Drumming,              $1,620.00    
11 Pipers Piping,                             $2,635.20   
10 Lords-a-Leaping,                        $5,243.37    
9 Ladies Dancing,                           $7,552.84    
8 Maids-a-Milking,                           $58.00       
7 Swans-a-Swimming,                    $7,000.00 
6 Geese-a-Laying,                           $210.00     
5 Gold Rings,                                    $750.00     
4 Calling (Colly) Birds,                    $599.96    
3 French Hens,                                $165.00    
2 Turtle Doves and                          $125.00      
A Partridge in a Pear Tree.             $199.99    

Total cost this year at cost           $27,393.17    ( £  16,709.833)

Total Christmas Price Index      $27,393.17   
True cost*                                    $114,651.18                   

*True cost is the "total cost of items gifted by a True Love who repeats
all of the song’s verses," according to PNC.

Savings do not seem to made on line at present

Total Christmas Price Index      $39,762.61          
True cost*                                    $173,410.13            

But the costliest true love gift of all , was more than money can buy. 

If selling is 'persuasive communication against resistance 'as sales guru Alfred Tack once described it, there was much resistance in first century Palestine to overcome by persuasion.

 - as Christina Rosetti  1830-1894 expressed in the last verse of her carol “In The bleak mid winter”

….What can I give him poor as I am ? 
If I were a shepherd I would bring a lamb; 
If I were a wise man I would do my part; 
Yet what I can I give him :Give my heart.
As well as trying to live up to my promise of 'giving my heart' at Midnight Mass this Christmas, I guess I will also look forward to settling down to laugh with and be laughed at by Sean Lock over the holiday festival.

Should Alexandr  escape from being tied up by the CNWL Recovery College trainers Spice up your training - event  
( #TrainingSpice18)( see photo) he is looking forward to  Christmas day TV ad,  where Alexandr Orlov and his companion Sergei get to grips with parenthood after the arrival of a baby meerkat called Oleg.

A press release from the Meerkova Times reads 

"Arrival of Baby Oleg was big shock in Meerkovo, but it mean for first time our Nativity production have real baby.

 Unfortunatelys, real baby come with real baby smell, but most peoples just say it add to authenticness of stable."

The baby’s parentage has not been made clear, although there is only one female character in the meerkat cast – the school teacher Maiya

Happy Christmas dear readers Peace and goodwill to all 
Great selling in 2014

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