Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Train-the-Trainer Control and participation balance

Spice up Your Training  - Spice up their Learning

Training can be monotonous if things get predictable.  Keep the interest high by using a variety of methods and moving delegates around the room or building –particularly if they are unused to sitting at a desk all day!  How many of these do you use?  This is not a full list!

                                                                        TRAINER          PARTICIPATION
                                                                      CONTROL                   LEVEL

1.         Lecture                                               High                           nil
2.         Step by step presentation               High                           Moderate
3.         Guided discovery                             Moderate                   High
4.         Reading                                             Nil                               High
5.         Programmed learning                     High                           High
6.         Demonstration                                 High                           Moderate
7.         Directed discussion                         Moderate                   High
8.         Buzz groups                                     Low                             High
9.         Free group discussion                    Nil                               High
10.       Case studies                                     Low                             High
11.       Brainstorming                                   Low                             High
12.       Drama                                                High                           Low
13.       Problem centred groups                 Low                             High
14.       Syndicate method                           Low                             High
15.       Seminar                                             Low                             High
16.       Individual /group tutorial                 High                           High
17.       Individual task                                  Low                             High
18.       Projects                                              Moderate                   High
19.       Practical session                              Variable                     Variable
20.       delegate presentation                     Low                             High
21.       Audio tapes                                       High                           Nil
22.       Tape/slides                                        High                           Variable
23.       Video or film presentation              High                           Variable
24.       Delegate Video recording              Low                             High
25.       Role play/ Skills  Practice             Low                             High
26.       Computer assisted learning /
            Computer based training /
            Technology based training
           e-learning                                           Variable                     High
27.       Simulation and games                   Moderate                   High
28.       Action mazes                                    Variable                     High
29.       Interactive video                               Variable                     High

30.       Training instruments                       Variable                     High

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