Monday, 31 March 2014

#AWEurope 2014 Little Bogdan learns about Advertising from Uncle Aleksandr

Little Bogdan learns about advertising from Uncle Alekandr Orlov in a break at Advertising Week Europe 2014, BAFTA 195 Piccadilly London

Little Bogdan "What business are you in?"

Uncle Alekandr "I am account executive in Ad and  PR agency"

Little Bogdan and Uncle Alesandr
Little Bogdan   "Do you write the  ads?"

Uncle Alekandr   "No, copywriters do that"

Little Bogdan   "Do you create the ads?"

Uncle Alekandr   "No , art directors do that"

Little Bogdan " Do you do the Social Advertising like FB LinkedIn and Twitter?"

Uncle Alesandr " No we have a young intern who does that"

Little Bogdan   "Do you handle the press releases and product launches?"

Uncle Alekandr   "No, P.R. specialists do that"

Little Bogdan   "Sounds like fun job"

Uncle Alekandr  "It's not that easy - we do lot of research"

Little Bogdan   "Do you do research?

Uncle Alekandr   "No, we have the research people for that"

Little Bogdan   "Forgive me Uncle, but WHAT IS your job?"

Uncle Alekandr   "Well it's marketing really"

Little Bogdan   "You do the marketing for the clients?"

Uncle Alekandr   "No, not exactly they do it themselves"

Little Bogdan    "Are you on the board of Directors Uncle?"

Uncle Alekandr  "No, but I soon will be"

Little Bogdan      "Wow, what a great job Uncle Alekandr!"

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