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3 key Selling levers of your business Social media #YouTube,#LinkedIn #Facebook and #email

Hannah and Jason from "Team Snappy" preparing their
 flip chart for feedback on
 'effective use of social media in selling'
 Scrabbling along  social media platforms. 

 I facilitated some sessions recently examining  how social media channels like You Tube, LinkedIn /Facebook , Twitter and email can be best integrated with the more conventional communication channels that professional selling uses.

Here are some of the conclusions of the syndicates' views who worked on these issues.

1. Depending on the experience and resources available it was thought worthwhile to adopt a GCHQ listening station style monitoring approach was a good starting point on a number of the social media platforms.

Such  listening and tracking of  client, trade group and competitors' Linked In and Facebook group discussions was worth undertaking. 

Subtle and relevant comments on You Tube clips were deemed another good entry protocol with the occasional link address. However it was thought best not to over do this type of piggy-backing. 

It was agreed that in 'speech platforms' such as in Twitter and written communication of Facebook and email are constantly changing. 

Most felt tracking client company tweets profitable but were not convinced of the merits engaging in extended discussions on twitter. Such activity was best avoided.

2. "Clucking the news" Proactive announcements and links to a corporate website as an integral part of overall sales and marketing campaigns was worthwhile.

3. Integrating Social in your sales process. Social media can contribute to most parts of a sales process the challenge is to identify which parts it is best suited and what time should be invested in such activity.

In tandem with that ,  both written and spoken English is constantly changing and it is worth paying attention to this expansion in the business communication arena.

Even in English word games like SCRABBLE new words are constantly joining the lexicon

Helen Newstead, head of language content at Collins Dictionaries, says:

 "Dictionaries have always included formal and informal English, but it used to be hard to find printed evidence of the use of slang words.

Now people use slang in social media posts, tweets, blogs, comments, text messages - you name it - so there's a host of evidence for informal varieties of English that simply didn't exist before.”

Of all the new words now accepted by Collins for Scrabble I have noticed that "facetime" is already seeping into the vernacular of selling conversations.

Facetime selling  could be the next reincarnation of selling.

In essence, communication in a business context, Selling is a two way process of transmission and reception with rapport.

A conversational tone kept in a business like conversation is in most circumstances the most powerful.

Good communication will always be at the heart of all Good Selling.  Research from the Buyer’s Views of salespeople  over the last twenty years still puts LISTENING at the top of all communication skills which buyers wish of salespeople.

We can all trot of the adage of two ears and one mouth – use them in that proportion yet the practise of such an axiom is hard work !

By the way Quinzhee on a triple word score  would earn  a respectable 84 points 

  For those who need to know some of the latest accepted words to scrabble, I have set them in a short poem.

Augh, blech, eew, grr, waah and yeesh 
Set our language off the leash 
Twerking devo  podium cakeages 
Some think cause our language breakages 
Shootie lolz  onsie  and Quinzhee 
Make our native tongue so chintzy
Obvs it’s ridic, schvitz and dench
Give our English a little wrench 
Yet facetime, hashtag, tweep, and sexting. 
Help our Scrabble play and texting 

Good Selling Good Facetime

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