Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Name Calling in Selling #BrandCharlotte - the Business in names

Q: What’s in a name ?

A: An extra 15% margin

The fourth in line to the throne  Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte (Elizabeth Diana ) of Cambridge was introduced to the world from Kensington Palace on the afternoon of the public holiday Monday 4th May 2015.   

Unlike the 'name calling' that has been exchanged between the protagonists during the UK general election with only 2 days to go people have enjoyed the happy news of the announcement of Princess Charlotte. Yet her name is already receiving abbreviations such as Lottie , Charlie etc.

Naming is an action ownership. By assigning a name to something or somebody we make a claim. The princess has been given names that draw on family and royal legacy. Charlotte was the name of King George III's wife, Elizabeth is the name of her great grandmother and Diana -Prince William's late mother.

Even before the princess was born people were betting on her name. Pizza Hut were offering a free pizza if your name was Charlotte. Whatever the future holds for her she is likely to become a role model , an icon etc. The popularity of the name of Charlotte will increase as future parents think of names for their own little princesses ! No doubt copy children's clothes will follow in the baby wear shops pretty soon. 

So it is with Commercial naming whether corporate branding or Product / Service branding.

Here are some issues to consider when naming and referring to our corporate children - our PRODUCTS

The name strategically distinguish the product from its competitors by conveying its unique positioning

The name holds appeal for the product’s target audience

The name infers or calls to mind a significant brand attribute, quality or benefit.

The name is available for legal protection and "trademark".

The name allows companies to bond with their customers to create loyalty.

The name has a symbolic association that fortifies the image of a company or a product to the consumers.

The name helps motivate customers to buy the product.

The name can be legally acquired and developed.

Whatever the future holds for our Princess Charlotte or own precious little princesses human or corporate, I wish you good selling.

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