Thursday, 28 May 2015

7 causes of Trigger Happy Social Selling #TENDb4uSEND selling lessons from Operation Bookend

Barely a day goes by when someone presses the ENTER button on their keyboard too hastily and regrets it. You and I succumb to this trigger happy instinct as much as the famous.

Such social media rashness can have all sorts of unintended consequences.

 I guess we should  have expected and possibly reassured  that the Bank of England was working hard at contingency planning for the possibility of a Brexit .

The miss-sent email copied to the Guardian newspaper has been a diplomatic embarrassment for Old lady of Threadneedle Street. The slip revealed Project Bookend.

The Financial Times reported a statement from the Bank on Sunday evening 24th May

 “It is not sensible to talk about this work publicly in advance,” it said. “But as with work done before the Scottish referendum, we will disclose the details of such work at the appropriate time."

  7 of the commonest causes of sending-too-soon in our social media communications

Since social selling communication is a two way process, pressures to react, respond, transmit and tell in social media effects both seller and buyer.

1. Our concentration can be distracted by noise, visual distractions of screens, movement whilst texting.

2. Sometimes we are just not in the mood for calm read/receive. In our mind  we may think“ I don’t want read all that” “I am not listening to all that” and skip to hasty respond mode.

3. There are  language barriers , foreign language, technical language, jargon and even emojis to interpret. All are fine so long as both parties understand them as wells  the audience of the wider social community. Predictive text, unchecked, can also cause problems.

4.. Our will to listen/receive can also be affected by  our circadian rhythms whether we are early morning larks, afternoon folk or night owls. Tiredness similarly affects  social media communication in our 24 hour business village.

 At the end of a working day in the UK, part of the USA have just woken up and their thumbs and fingers are full of enthusiastic vim and vigour whilst on other part of the world it digit fatigue is more apparent. 

5. Speed of  delivery and response pressure   has led to poor typing and the tweeting equivalent to  mumbling this can confuse or switch off your listener/ receiver. On the receiver/ reader end careless speed reading. So the consequences of live twitter contributions to conferencing on a global scale has challenges. 

6. Misunderstandings can arise from assumptions.  ASS/U/ME 

7. People’s eyes are straining and squinting at screens of notebooks, tablets and smart phone screens more than ever before - as a consequence misreading is likely to increase. 

Most of the time we give little conscious attention to these complexities and breakdowns in communication, we just text instinctively. There can lie a danger.

More channels has not necessarily meant better communication.

In our age of social media ,not only must we 'look before we leap' but tend (in the sense of  watch over)   before we send.

Tend before you send ! #TENDb4uSEND

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