Monday, 4 May 2015

Sales Literature and Manifesto Campaign Leaflets any lessons from #election2015

The first sale you make is not to a customer but to yourself.

If you don’t believe in yourself , your products and services it is unlikely that you will persuade others.

This is not just a matter of positive thinking or fake motivation.

 Like them or loathe them the folk who stand for elections have got courage to “stand for election”. 

 You may never stand for Parliament or local council but perhaps you may stand for your parish council , sports club, a committee of some sort. In some senses we  all have to sell ourselves each day.

You need courage in selling yourself.

What would make up your manifesto as a Sales Professional to your customers who vote  for you with the orders they place or with the influence  they bear on your behalf when buying into Brand You?

Maybe you are sick to the back teeth of the political leaflets that have been posted through your door but just before you chuck them in your waste paper bin why not take a look at see what you think works and does not work simply from the point of view as a piece of sales communication.

·         Does it attract attention?
·         Would it interest the swing/ undecided voter?
·         Does it explain what the candidate stands for ?
·         Does it appeal to both the heart and head ?  Does it persuade ?
·         Does it engage with the reader?
·         Does it call for action?

And here is an exercise for you. Maybe an idea for a session at your next sales team meeting

Take a piece of A 4 paper and design a mock up of your Sales Manifesto for Brand You

Writing an election manifesto that sells YOU. It needn't be something to tear your hair out about. This is a playful exercise.

Essentially, your selling manifesto should state what you would plan to do in your role as sales person, and what improvement you  would make for your customers.

It isn't an excuse to rubbish your competition, or make unrealistic promises and claims. 

Take some time before you write it to think about what you believe you can achieve and what the voters ( the buyers and influencers you sell to)  would respond to.

Here are some  tips for writing your sales  manifesto:

Be concise and use clear language. Avoid long, complicated words – you won’t win awards for being clever and you might just alienate important voters.

If you are using  word processing software E use an easy to read font, (like Arial or Times New Roman); text should not be smaller than font size 12.

Set out your goals for your time in the selling role and ensure they are realistic and achievable – sales professionals are answerable to both your employer and customers.

 Your manifesto is about you and not about your competition. 

Avoid discrediting and disrespecting others as it is not professional !

Be relevant.

However, instances where you have shown leadership, tenacity, and tact would indicate to  customer voters your suitability for the role.

Keep  the text to a maximum  of 500 words.

Be creative and inspiring.

Once you have drafted your manifesto, you can run it past a work colleague – a fellow member of the sales team

Your own manifesto may encompass some visuals  or may simply be a summary or a reference document you might leave with your client.

It can act as an

• explanation of what your product is or does
• proof that it works and is effective and relevant to your client
• motivation of your prospect to want it after seeing it in action or using it
• trial/practise in advance somewhere where mistakes do not matter

Why bother to do this?

Well, it will help you give a coherent and confident answer whenever you are challenged with

Prospect :“Your products and you competitor’s are much the same , WHY SHOULD I BY FROM YOU ? "

Good Luck ! Good electioneering for Brand YOU

Of course you may wish to inscribe  your pledges on a block of Limestone and place it in your garden but a folded sheet of A4 with your manifesto  pledges is sufficient.

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