Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Selling Fear Uncertainty and Doubt lessons from #election2015

Years ago I sang for the Royal Choral Society. In those days they sang the National Anthem " God save the Queen" and usually three verses at every concert.

 Some lines of verse two have a certain pertinence  and even irony right now on the final day of electioneering for the 2015 UK General election

".......Confound their politics 

Frustrate their knavish tricks 

On thee our hopes we fix

God save us all "

The final FEAR bombardments of the 2015 General election have included :-

Labour's warning of "swingeing cuts" to hospital budgets under the Tories.
The Deputy Prime Minister warns us from “BLUKIP – a bloc of right wingers from UKIP, the Conservatives and the DUP that could hold the balance of power. And “ lend us your vote and we can stop the SNP winning in your constituency.
"The Prime Minister saying a SNP-backed Labour government was a "chilling prospect".

On the final day before the May 7th  2015 UK  General election,we see the final shots of Negative campaigning by the political parties in their Attack ads, Fear-Mongering, Push Polls , Smear campaigns, and Voter suppression. 

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) is a tactic used in sales, marketing and public relations but perhaps with a lighter touch than political electioneering propaganda.

People are always afraid of the unknown. If one brand has no product today, they'll suggest  or imply shortcomings about a competitor’s product as part of a FUD campaign to delay potential customers from buying the competitor's product until theirs hits the market. Smart phone upgrade launches come to mind.  e.g. Apple I phone versus Sony Galaxy etc.

FUD in Marketing

Marketing is what companies do to get you interested in their products. In marketing, one company will pull a subtle trick to make you doubt other brands. This is one kind of FUD.

FUD in Sales

Sales is the act of persuasive communication against resistance. It's personal and completely different from marketing, which is  about drumming up general interest.

Salespeople may employ  FUD to get you to buy from them, or not to buy from a competitor.

In selling it is probably better to use avoid such motivators, or only employ them with care and  with a far softer touch. Rubbishing competitors has the danger of drawing a buyer's attention to your competitor.

Better to have an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove rather than the other way round !

In Sales , our election is every call  , every day . Even  in fixed contracts our offer is daily tested. 

Whatever you decide and for whomever you vote for -Good selling and good luck in frustrating your competition's 'knavish tricks'.

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