Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter 2012 -the first fruits of the holy harvest field

Mass of the Dawn - All Saints Church, Fulham , London  at 5.50 a.m

the dark before dawn outside All Saints Churchyard Fulham  Easter Sunday 2012

The Easter fire is lit and blessed by Revd Eileen McGregor ( The dawn is about to break)

The fire burns. In the background the thurible is charged with incense

Tracing a cross . making the Greek Letters ALPHA and OMEGA
 and the four numbers of the current year 2012 AD .
Marking the candle, the incense sticks representing
 Christ's wounds are pinned to the pascal candle

The Vicar Canon  Hawes holds the pascal Candle aloft beneath the medieval tower *

The fire burns on and the past year's oils ignite.

Dawn light now  greets us, and the Pascal candle is lit from the last of the  fire.

The light of Christ. Thanks be to God.

The Vicar sings out the Exultet from the pulpit, candles lit amongst all the congregation - the inside of the church is about burst into light, bells rung, organ playing, whistles blown in the Gloria

The Pascal candle is dipped into the font as we all renew our baptismal vows

The Easter garden  . The stoned rolled away. All adorned with the beautiful icons produced by the Sunday School children.

The lectern dressed for Easter

The High altar  and candles, candles, candles

He is risen indeed!

Alleluia! Alleluia!

 * Since 1440 All Saints Church fulham's 96 ft. tower and bells have stood through war, plague. fire. booms, reessions and births and deaths. The tower is made of Kentish rag stone which came from Maidstone by barge.

Henry VI's officers kept trying to appropriate it for Eton College.

The tower is made up of 10,000 of these stones, so remotaring each one costs about £45.

The total cost of repairing the tower and moving the bell-frame, so that the bells can ring without damaging the tower again is about £470,000.

Tower and Bells Appeal "All Saints Fulham PCC ( Tower and Bells)
All Saints Restoration Appeal Registered Charity 1130273
Conservation work supported by English Heritage

Save All Saints Church, Fulham belltower! 600 more years standing and sounding glorious

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