Monday, 22 October 2012

Daniel Craig Selling Skyfall introduction all to Schedule

We are now in the week leading up to the release of the film SKYFALL on October 26th.

There is a  huge amount of planning that goes into such an enterprise as a James Bond Film.

The song has been released by the fab singer , fab song. Adele presages Friday's premiere. Even though as a new mother she wants to be at home with her child rather than the premiere opening.

There is much best practise for our sales work to follow day to day that the selling of SKYFALL teaches us .

So, like 007 ,we need to be worthy of our 'OO status' and be  Licensed to SELL

The first lesson is the importance of Scheduling and Planning

·         Make sure you know your own product/service extremely well - specially features, benefits and personalised benefits that will be relevant to the prospect you will be meeting

·         Find out  the main or unique perceived organisational benefit that your product or service to meet your prospect’s criteria

·         discern what current supply arrangements exist or are likely to exist for the product/service in question, and assess what the present supplier's reaction is likely to be if their business is at threat

·         identify what other competitors are able and likely to offer, and which ones are being considered if any

·         ascertain who are decision-makers and influencers as you can, and assess as much as far as you can what their needs, motives and relationships are

·         try to get an impression for what the organisational politics are

·         what are the prospect's organisational decision-making criteria and financial constraints (eg., budgets, year-end date)

·         what is your prospect's strategic mission, what are the issues, aims, priorities and problems, or if you can't discover these pre-meeting, what are they generally for the market sector in which the prospect operates?

·         prepare your opening statements and rehearse your sales presentation

·         prepare your presentation in the format in which you are to give it (e.g. PowerPoint slides for laptop /tablet presentation) plus all materials, samples, hand-outs, brochures, etc., and always have spare copies -as extra people often appear at the short notice at such meetings. 

·         prepare a sheet of questions that will help you glean all the information you need from the meeting

·         think through what you want to get from the meeting and organise your planning to achieve it

·           recognise and make the significance of cold calling in the VUCA ( Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous economy: cold calling increasingly enables sales people to become more strategic and significant in the challenger sale.


·         Smile ( eyes as well as mouth) - be professional, and keep eye contact with your handshake

·         introduce yourself shake hands  -  unlike” Bond ,… James Bond”) use your first and last name followed by first name again,  offer a business card if appropriate ,what your job is and the company you represent, and what the your company does (ensure this is orientated to appeal to the prospect's strategic issues)

·         set the scene – thank them for their time, explain the purpose of your visit,  position your opening around your prospect not yourself. Ask if there is anything they would like to add at this stage ( Just in case something has changed)

·         check how much time your prospect has and agree a time to finish

·         ask if it's acceptable to take notes (it's courteous to ask – since most business information is potentially sensitive, asking shows you realise the importance of confidentiality)

·         Lead into the questions in a business directed but conversational style

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