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Skyfall heralds Daniel Craig SELLING his entrance as 007 James Bond

2012 could well go down in history as the year of Sky falling.

First Sky diver Felix Baumgartner achieved a 24 mile drop to earth at new Mexico thus breaking the sound barrier.

Second Parachutist Gary Connery stood in for Her Majesty in one of the show business entrances of all time at the London 2012 Olympics escorted by Daniel Craig in the summer.

Finally coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the first James Bond movie, Daniel Craig makes the signature introduction “Bond, James Bond” in the new movie SKYFALL.

Close up of window display at Harrods, Knightsbridge

As the recent shortcomings of the UK Transport Ministry have shown on the North west UK Rail line, the Franchise business is beset with dangers.

 So it is interesting to learn from a franchise that has managed to be successful for 50 years. The James Bond franchise

The Premiere of Dr No  in 1962, the first of the James Bond movies, was at the London Pavilion in Piccadilly Circus.  Many of today’s tourists could  well be surprised to discover the London Pavilion was once a  Cinema- a movie house. Much else has changed over the years of the Bond film franchise.

We are familiar with the formula of  a villain to be defeated, the briefing by M, gadgets from Q, beautiful women, exotic  locations, violence and yet a kind of sophistication.

So what has this to teach us in Selling ?

Making an entrance

Clapperboard auctioned at the
50th Anniversary Auction at Christies, London
The James Bond Film business organise the whole experience.

Well before the red carpet for the premiere s has been laid down , the PR operation has been in full flow announcing the arrival of SKYFALL to our movie houses.

For  the arrival of our monarch it would be a fanfare of state trumpeters announcing her majesty’s arrival.

For Bond it is the Bond film song. Adele has heralded the Skyfall song - fab voice -fab song!.

A new baddie for Bond is advertised on the buses
The outside advertising hoardings ,  the sides of London’s iconic red Double decker buses hail the movie with the 007 gun logo.

In the shops one can be ‘Licensed to smell ‘  like Daniel Craig with  official eon productions fragrance manufactured by Procter and Gamble - James Bond 007 eau de toilette  is described as   an aromatic fougere; notes include apple, cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, lavender, moss and coumarin. ( such language is in keeping with the 'shaken not stirred' sophistication)

You can be ‘Licensed to cell’  buying a Sony Xperia  T mobile cellphone on the  O2 network and ‘Licensed to tell …  the time’ with an Omega seamaster wristwatch.

The advert for  Coke’s Zero drink even educates a generation born  well after the launch of " Dr No  " by re-enacting the Bond theme music John Barry’s leitmotif. -Let's all play at being James Bond.

In store display at Harrods- back in the day Bond preferred
Dom Perignon - the'53 if I remember from 'Dr No'
Yet all this attention getting is designed with a purpose to build up an excitement and encouragement to  stimulate us to want to go and see the movie.

So in your work of selling -think about how you are heralded.
Think how you prepare your way in.

It begins in each email, letter, phone call. You are heralded through the impression the buyer gets form your company website, blog, LinkedIn /Facebook profile, You tube clip.

So how can we adapt the entrance of James Bond in our work.
It may be over the top to put on a dinner jacket but let’s look at some things that could work for us.

Think about how we could make a memorable entrance, with impact and cement a good first impression like Bond. 
 How does James Bond look so cool , calm and collected?

Bond has minimal  body gestures especially when he is under pressure. When he is being intimidated by the baddies , being insulted or shot at, he remains relatively motionless and speaks in short . monotone sentences.

Bond is so cool he can make love immediately after shooting half a dozen bad guys.

Bond knows the secrets of attractive body language. ( Read  Allan and Barbara  Pease The Definitive Book of Body Language” e.g page 382:-

Face: Have an animated face and make smiling a part of your regular repertoire. Flash your teeth.

Gestures: Be expressive but don’t overdo it. Keep your fingers closed when you gesture, your hands below chin level and avoid arm or feet crossing.

Head Movements: Use triple nods when talking and head tilt when listening. Keep your chin up.

Close up of Harrods Window display
Eye contact: Give the amount of eye contact that makes everyone feel comfortable. Unless looking at others is a cultural no-no, lookers  gain more credibility than non-lookers.

Posture: Lean forwards when listening, stand straight when speaking.

Territory: Stand as close as you feel comfortable. If the other person moves back, don’t step forward again.

Mirror: Subtly mirror the body language of others.
We may no longer as the modern Bond wear a hat to throw on a hat stand, we may no longer light up a cigarette in front of a client . Yet  we still need to be cool, calm and collected even if we have just arrived through an awful traffic jam or just fallen from the sky!
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