Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Daniel Craig Selling the Premiere Promise of Skyfall Step 7 Living the promise

Step 7 of the SKYFALL 007 selling process

Living the Promises of Skyfall

Like a  previous Olympic Champion the pressure is on Daniel Craig the current James Bond. You are only as good as your last movie.

The red carpet being laid for the
 World Premeiere of Skyfall
 makes the one at the
Cannes Film festiva look like a mat !
The show business hype, the interviews,walking the red carpet at the glamourous premiere at London's Royal Albert Hall count for nothing if the product does not live up to the promise.

Daniel Craig's Bond may stand on the shoulders of Connery,  Lazenby, Dalton, Brosnan and Moore but a lot hangs on his broad shoulders.
So it is with our sale. We stand on the shoulders of sales people before us.

Do we live up to the promise of our offering?

Live up to your Promises

·         after-sales follow-up depends on the type of product and service, but generally for every sale the sales person must carry out a number of important processes:

·         all relevant paperwork must be completed and copies provided to the customer - paperwork is will cover the processing of the order, the confirmation of the order and its details to the customer, possibly the completion of installation and delivery specification and instructions

·         Sales reporting by the sales person is also necessary, generally on a pro-forma or computer screen, typically detailing the order value, product type and quantity, and details about the customer such as industrial sector - each sales organization stipulates the sales person's reporting requirements, and often these are linked to sales commissions and bonuses, etc.

·         The sales person should also make follow-up contact with the customer - as often as necessary - to confirm that the customer is happy with the way the order is being progressed; this helps reduce possible confusion and misunderstood expectations, which are a big cause of customer dissatisfaction or order cancellation if left to fester unresolved

·         Customer follow-up and problem resolution must always be the responsibility for the sales person, who should consider themselves the 'guardian' of that customer, even if a well-organised customer service exists for general after-sales care

·         Customers rightly hold sales people responsible for what happens after the sale is made, and good conscientious follow-up will usually be rewarded with referrals to other customers - this is also helpful for networking

·         Follow-up is an important indicator of integrity; when a sales person makes a sale he is personally endorsing the product and the company, so ensuring that value and satisfaction are fulfilled is an integral part of the modern sales function

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