Tuesday, 23 October 2012

007 steps of Selling Process 7 Steps of Selling inspired by James Bond

Reinventing your selling style to suit the times

Body Language and James Bond 007

The Challenger Seller 007 ‘s way


Keeping focused like 007

Some photos of the world premiere showing of Skyfall, the site of the first Bond Film  Premiere etc

The Venue for the World Premiere
of the new James Bond movie SKYFALL
I was lucky to snap this Double Decker bus with a Skyfall Movie poster passing by.

Now Rileys - Beleive it or not  Museum
this buidling was a Cinema back in 1962 -
 called The London Pavilion and hosted the premiere of the first James Bond film , Dr No.

Early fans pick their spot on the red carpet runway
 at the World Premiere of Skyfall
Queue of the fans srarting forming in Prince Consort Road before the runway and red carpet had been set up
An eye catching movie fan in the Queue in Prince Consort Road leading
to the steps of the Royal Albert Hall for the World Premiere of Skyfall

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