Thursday, 11 October 2012

The 14 Day Selling Tips Blitz in 5 a day to go chunks

Not got time to attend training ?

5 A DAY Blog Bites

5-a-day mobile selling tips

Skills to learn , habits to unlearn and drills to re-learn.

Day 1

Day 2   

      Take time to think-      Develop the right mental attitude – be positive rather than negative.- Say “ You” more often. -Audit your Attributes Skills and Knowledge.- Find out the client’s personals motivators as well as the business ones.

Day 3

London 2012 Handball Olympians see themselves as Sales reps

Day 4

17 years planning for 4 weeks 1551 days planning for  1 day

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7




11.   Improve your product knowledge

12.   Maximise the benefits and minimise the cost

13.   Develop open questions

14.   Develop more benefits for each feature

15.   Smile



16.   Plan journeys to minimise time

17.    Set individual objectives - “Why am I here ?”

18.   Grade customers to use my time ore effectively

19.   Complete all the necessary paperwork / populate the CRM system after each call- do less important paperwork in own time

20.   Prepare telephone list the night before  the telephone appointment getting day


21.   Look for buying signals

22.   Listening actively

23.   Prepare some different closing techniques

24.   Look for ‘yes’ responses’

25.   Keep the chat gap to a minimum


26.   Ask my manager for help and support on critical calls

27.   Make more appointments – don’t just call on the off chance

28.   Don’t pounce

29.   Use appreciation technique for answering objections

30.   Make a list of objections I meet most often,  and prepare answers  for them


31.   Keep looking for you appeal for individual customers

32.   Avoid jargon

33.   Spend an extra 30-60 minutes on territory per day.

34.   Follow up enquiries promptly

35.   Use attention getters effectively


36.   Tailor the presentation to the buyer

37.   Set fall-back objectives

38.   Try to pre-empt common objections

39.   Don’t criticise the clients past decisions

40.   Structure your presentation  e.g. ABC


41.   Practise important presentations on a colleague

42.    Make more calls in a day

43.   Use the Pause & Reflect technique to assess yourself

44.   Sell internally – practise good human relations with my colleagues and internal staf as well as my customers

45.   Remember Buyers “likes and dislikes”


46.   Polish up your telephone technique

47.   Set aside time  to do research on existing and potential customers

48.   Plan my territory

49.   Find out more about my customers and their organisations

50.   Identify other contacts within customer organisations


51.   Use Open and Probe questions

52.   Identify unique features of your product/services

53.   Keep notes during the sales call, and be prepared to use a summary close where appropriate

54.   Be punctual

55.   Identify my own training needs


56.   Discuss my training and development with my manager

57.   Identify those clients I can use  as references  and get their permission to use their names

58.   Keep all my sales aids clean and in good condition

59.   Use the evening to plan the next day

60.   Use silence occasionally

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