Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Aleksandr Orlov springtime visit to Kew Gardens, London

Greetings this joyful Eastertide

Sculpture installation at Kew,by David Nash
This could be simples solution for Aleksandr
 to avoid the new bedroom tax from the Coalitions Government

This Easter banks Holiday I Aleksandr famous Meerkat botanist took Mr Hugh to the world famous Q gardens.

 Despite the chillis weathers, we lucky to have Spring sunshines and blues sky.

 Royal Botanic Gardens,' Q' was founded in 1759, ( same year as Mr Hugh's favourite Liffy water drink) and declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.
(I am still awaiting a response from UNESCO for Meerkova Palace to get similar accreditations so I don't have to pay nefarious bedrooms tax of Mr Duncans Smithky and Gyorgy Osbornov of Coalition government !)

 Q Gardens also world leader in plant science and conservation. Q’s work helps to discover and describe  world’s plant and fungal diversity, safeguard  world's plant life for meerkat future, promote  sustainable use of plants and inspire  appreciation of plants and  environment.

Aleksandr testing out new daffodil camouflage coat


Throughout its history,  Royal Botanics Gardens, Q has made important contributions to increasing  understandings of  plant kingdoms with many benefits for man and meerkatkind.
Today  still first and foremosts  scientific institution. With its collections of living and preserved plantings, of plant products and botanical information, it forms  encyclopaedias of knowledge about  plant kingdoms.

Aleksandr bravely viewing Glasshouse from
 treetop walkway at 'Q' gardenings

Springs is still very cold in Englands but buddings are showing and the blue skies with sunshinings were a tonic for Mr Hugh’s soul.




To warm up from cold Springs wind
Mr Hugh and I go inside Glassy houses
 (where meerkats must not throw stones)
 to look at beautiful orchids






Mr Hugh asked me to include a poem about Daffodils and to mention that selling and meerkating never far away.

We read a sign in the gardens that said the British daffodil Industry is worth some  £ 31 million

To Daffodils


 Fair Daffodils, we weep to see

 You haste away so soon;

As yet the early-rising sun

 Has not attain'd his noon.

 Stay, stay,

 Until the hasting day

 Has run

 But to the even-song;

And, having pray'd together, we

Will go with you along.


We have short time to stay, as you,

 We have as short a spring;

As quick a growth to meet decay,

 As you, or anything.

 We die

 As your hours do, and dry


 Like to the summer's rain;

Or as the pearls of morning's dew,

Ne'er to be found again.

 by Robert Herrick

Left: still some crocuses about but the Daffodils take over at this point in 'Q'
Right:Aleksandr looks at Redwood tree bark .
 Maybe one day he and Mr Hugh will get to see sequoias in California

Aleksandr takes one last look at Glass House before home
 and treacle tart made with Hot Cross buns


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