Friday, 6 February 2015

3 tips to help you remember clients' and prospects' names in Selling

UK Shadow chancellor, Ed Balls had an embarrassing moment this week when his memory failed him on live television when being challenged to name business supporters who are  supporting Labour in this election.

I guess we have all had lapses of memory with names but to professional salespeople remembering names, particularly clients' names is a useful skill.

Our client's name matters. They don't like it misspelled.
They dislike it being mispronounced. They are not always keen for us to use their first name straight away.

When we are face to face ,one on one we can write it down but there are those tricky occasions where we can meet or be introduced to a group of people. This can occur at exhibitions , seminars, conferences or networking events where you can meet a number of new people in a group in a matter of seconds.

3Tips to help you remember client names

Here are some ways to help with recalling a name. The specialists who work in this area warn us not to confuse our lack of perception with a lack of memory.

A short pencil is better than a short memory
1. Concentrate right at the start
2. Listen
3. Focus your attention
4. Repeat back their name to them to check you have got it right
5. Use their name in a question e.g." What do you do David ? "
6. Link tag their name in conversation with others in the group  e.g. "As John was saying earlier..."

Offering your business card to encourage them to give their also allows you to read their name.

Again using their name in a question can help lock it into your memory. e.g." Where did you study for your BSc ?" or "What was the topic of your dissertation ?" or "I don't recognise those initials Phil what do they stand for?"

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