Thursday, 19 February 2015

The soft-sell of merino wool Pop In to Pop Up Knyttan style

Great designs by Knyttan
As we approach the razzmatazz of  London Fashion Week in February 2015 what will this season's big new thing be? 

Should you be visiting the show tent set in the court of Somerset Square ,you might like  afterwards  to pop-in to a pop-up shop in the newly refurbished new wing of the square. Knyttan.

Back in the day long before the industrial revolution , before  Richard Arkwright’s spinning jenny indeed  even before medieval golden days of England’s wool trade, the Flanders cloth trade and the dyers of Lincoln Green and Lincoln  Red, making wool garments were a local cottage industry. 

In a sense the Industrial Internet of things has brought us full circle back to the 'one stop shop'.

 Knyttan was the old English word for knitting. There was a time when each and every garment was different.

Now in the era of the Industrial Internet of things there is a sector of the fashion industry that has re-invented the one stop shop.

Display of Knyttan knitwear
Knyttan  knitwear give a voice to their customer in what they make. They engage their customer through a personalised contribution to the design pattern of your jumpers, scarves, neck ties, and socks. In effect an ‘infinite collection.

The selling role is one of listening to the customer and guiding them through the design process if they need it.

 The seller must be diplomatic, consultative and a professional conversationalist.

Knyttan make everything to order on the premises . Their customer can either pick from designs by famous artists or create their own using Knyttan’s revolutionary design system.

The customer’s choice is then made for them on their own industrial machines.

Knyttan's Simple
3 step process to a bespoke garment
1.Swatches and tablet where customers can
create their own design patterns
2. Computerised Stoll Knitting machine
 see video clips below

3. Louise from Marseilles with her own design scarf
Knyttan Unique design scarves
Small , Medium and Large
Knyttan Neck ties

Three sizes available small , medium and large

Three short video clips of the knitting machine at work "printing" out a customer's design of scarf

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